A Missing Man Joined the Rescue Team That Was Searching for Him: "Who are We Looking for? I'm Here"

Turkish authorities have found themselves in an unprecedented situation, after a search for a missing person ended well... but with a strange twist.

Beyhan Mutlu, a man who lives in the Inegöl district of northwestern Bursa province, was reported missing on Tuesday morning after the family lost contact with him for several hours, according to the Daily Sabah.

It seems that the 50-year-old man had spent the evening drinking in the company of some friends, after which he entered a forest, but never came out. His worried friends sounded the alarm, and the family announced his disappearance.

Police called several search teams and called on volunteers to help locate the missing man.

The Strange Search for the Missing Drunk Man

News of Beyhan's disappearance spread to his neighborhood, and several neighbors joined the search operation.
missing man rescue team
The local press says that the teams searched for him for hours, during which time everyone called his name. After a while, one person in the group shouted, "Who are we looking for? I'm here".

It seems that Beyhan, still intoxicated with alcohol, caught the news that someone had disappeared and joined the group of volunteers, without knowing who the wanted person was.

The strange thing is that the friends he had spent the evening with were in a group, but they didn't recognize him.

The police escorted him home and he had to write a report about the bizarre evening.

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