A Researcher Named A Newly-Discovered Millipede Species After Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's name has been attributed to a newly discovered species of millipede by a researcher who is a fan of the famous singer.

Dr. Derek Hennen, from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, coordinated the study, the results of which were published over the weekend in ZooKeys.

The researcher and his team searched for new species of Nannaria, a genus of millipede. Over the years, they've dedicated themselves to this research in the western United States.

After 17 states traveled and more than 1,800 species found, they have identified another 17 new species.

Nannaria swiftae Newly-Discovered Millipede Species

According to the Science News website, Dr. Derek Hennen decided to name one after his wife, Nannaria marianae, and another after the performer of the album "Willow": Nannaria swiftae.

A New Species Of Millipede Named After Taylor Swift

"Nannaria swiftae is only known from Tennessee and has been collected in the following counties: Cumberland, Monroe, and Van Buren," the study states. Not coincidentally, Taylor Swift's career began in this state.
 Taylor Swift
This particular species has been collected in mesic forests with hemlock, maple, oak, tuliptree, witch hazel, and pine.

"The specific name is a noun in the genitive case derived as a matronym and is named in honor of the artist Taylor Swift, in recognition of her talent as a songwriter and performer and in appreciation of the enjoyment her music has brought the lead author of the study," the authors add.

Derek Hennen details these findings on Twitter and mentioned the singer in the caption of a photo of the centipede that now bears her name.

The researcher said that he is a big fan of her music, so he wanted to show his appreciation by naming this new Tennessee species after her.

Taylor Swift has yet to respond. We still don't know if she is proud of representing a newly found species of flat-backed millipede in the family Xystodesmidae.

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