The Two-Headed Snake & Dracula's Castle - Nicolas Cage Clarifies "Legends" About Him

Several urban legends have circulated around the famous American actor Nicolas Cage. He clarified most of them during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Nicolas Cage returned to a nationally televised talk show for the first time in 14 years on Wednesday to promote his new film - "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent".

On this occasion, the Hollywood actor clarified some urban legends that circulated around him.

The "Legend" Of The Two-Headed Snake

Did he have a two-headed snake or not? He did. Cage said he paid $80,000 for this bizarre creature.

"Why I don't know, I was dreaming about two-headed eagles. One night I had this dream and then the next day my manager at the time got a phone call saying 'I've got a two-headed snake that I found in Northridge and I think your client Nic Cage would be interested".

"I bought it," he said.

Though he spent a small fortune on the snake, Nicolas Cage didn't keep it. Apparently, the two heads of the snake didn’t get along, especially during mealtime.
The "Legend" Of The Two-Headed Snake
"One head was more dominant than the other. Why? It was going to the same stomach. But I would have to put a spatula between the two heads to feed them and it just got a little too freaky for me. So I took it to the Audubon Zoo…It lived for 14 years and it died just recently."

Nicolas Cage Has A Strange Crow

Nicolas Cage also has a bird named Corvus Albus - a white crow. The bird can talk and loves to jump on people's heads.

When Jimmy asked him if his reps get a lot of strange calls of people wanting to sell him stuff, Nicolas spoke about his bird.

"He likes to say hi to me when I walk in the room. He's very smart and when I leave he says 'bye.' I didn't teach him the words. He just came with the vocabulary. And then one day he called me an a-hole and I don't know why. It just came out."

The white crow likes to jump on the guest's heads.

"I say if you want to go in and say hi okay but put these sunglasses on because he has a sharp beak and talons but no one has been hurt."

Cage also said his crow has a really big 16 food dome that he lives in.

Nicolas Cage Slept In Dracula's Castle. But He Doubted Dracula Himself Slept There

Asked if he slept in Dracula's Castle, Nicolas Cage said "yes", probably referring to Bran Castle.

"I spent the night there, but I don't think Dracula slept there one night, it's more of a tourist," the actor said, clarifying another urban legend about him.

No Legend But The Truth

Nicolas Cage, 58, will soon welcome a daughter with his Riko Shibata, 27. The little baby girl will be named Lennon Augie after the late John Lennon and the actor's father.

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