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Article: A Winning Ferrari Driven By Michael Schumacher Sold For A Huge Amount

A Winning Ferrari Driven By Michael Schumacher Up For Auction

A Winning Ferrari Driven By Michael Schumacher Sold For A Huge Amount

A Ferrari single-seater driven by the famous Michael Schumacher was sold for a record amount.

The iconic Ferrari Formula 1 single-seater driven by the legendary German driver in 2003 was sold at auction in Geneva.

The F2003-GA 229 single-seater, in which Michael Schumacher won numerous races during the 2003 season, fetched "a record price for a Formula 1 car of the modern era", Sotheby's auction house announced.

It sold for 13 million Swiss francs ($13.2 million).

This is almost double the record of $7.5 million held by another Ferrari car also driven by the German champion during the 2001 Formula 1 season.


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A winning Ferrari single-seater driven on Formula 1 circuits in the 2003 season by the famous Michael Schumacher will be sold at auction next week in Geneva.

Schumacher's winning Ferrari goes on offer during the Sotheby's Luxury Week of sales in Geneva.

Sotheby's Geneva Luxury Week officially kicked off on Friday, featuring a range of exquisite jewelry pieces, watches, and fancy designer handbags.

Michael Schumacher scored five victories with the F2003-GA, Chassis 229, designed by Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn.

Schumacher raced nine times in that Ferrari, winning the Spain, Austrian, Canadian, Italian and US Grands Prix in the 2003 season and driving it when he clinched the title in Japan.

Schumacher's Winning Ferrari Up For Auction

"It is one of the most significant Formula One cars of all time. It's one of the Ferraris with the most victories in the constructor's history, so it's a very important car in the history of motor racing .It's special because this car is one of Ferrari's four with more than four victories and especially having one of the most talented drivers of his generation, Michael Schumacher," said Vincent Luzuy, a representative of Sotheby's, according to AFP.

Michael Schumacher's winning Ferarri is estimated to fetch between 7.5 and 9.5 million Swiss francs (7.6 and 9.6 million dollars).

As for the Formula One superstar Michael Schumacher, unforuntaly, he has not been seen in public since suffering serious injuries in skiing accident in 2013. He is now 53 years old.

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