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Article: Taylor Swift Is The First Artist To Occupy The Entire Top 10 Of Billboard Hot 100

Taylor Swift Is The First Artist To Occupy The Entire Top 10 Of Billboard Hot 100 - DSF Antique Jewelry

Taylor Swift Is The First Artist To Occupy The Entire Top 10 Of Billboard Hot 100

Taylor Swift made music history on Monday (31 October 2022) by becoming the first artist to simultaneously claim the US Billboard Hot Songs’s entire top 10 in a single frame.

Taylor Swift's most recent album, Midnights, which has been 2022's fastest-selling record, is the reason she's dominating the charts.

According to Billboard, Taylor Swift surpasses Drake, who, for a week in September 2021, logged nine of the Hot 100’s top 10.

Taylor Swift Is The First Artist Top 10 Of Billboard
Taylor Swift: I Am In Shambles

"10 out of 10 of the Hot 100??? On my 10th album??? I AM IN SHAMBLES", tweeted the world-acclaimed pop star after hearing the big news.

The number one spot is occupied by the single Anti-Hero, whose chorus, "It's me. Hi! I'm the problem, it's me," has quickly become a Tik Tok trend.

The remaining top 10 songs are Lavender Haze, Maroon, Snow On The Beach, Midnight Rain, Bejewelled, Question, You’re on Your Own Kid, Karma, and Vigilante Shit.

When Taylor Swift unexpectedly revealed the new album in the last seconds of the 2022 MTV VMAs in New Jersey in August, fans were taken aback.

Throughout her life, she has experienced "13 restless nights interspersed throughout my record," which she has referred to as "a trip through terrors and lovely dreams."

Returning To The Pop Scene

After the quaint indie-folk of 2020's Folklore and 2020's Evermore, Taylor Swift returns to the pop palette of her pre-pandemic records.

Her late-night tales, though, are presented in more subdued tones than smashes like Shake It Off and Lover, and the somber sounds of those records still linger.

The Midnights album was published in various collectible formats, including four vinyl editions that can be combined to form a clock, as part of a creative marketing strategy.

Also, Billboard reported that Swift's Top 10 takeover would have been achieved by streams alone before sales and radio play were counted.

Taylor Swift Artist To Occupy The Entire Top 10 Of BillboardMidnights By Taylor Swift

With 1.4 million copies sold, including more than a million on CD and vinyl, Midnights debuted at the top of the US album chart, a nearly unheard-of quantity in the age of streaming.

With 204,000 sales, Midnights also tops the UK chart, becoming the first album to surpass 200,000 sales since Adele's 30 just over a year ago.

Unexpectedly, that sum represents Swift's highest first-week sales total throughout her UK chart career.

Her previous record was for the 2014 release of the album 1989, which sold 90,300 copies.

However, due to a UK chart regulation that only permits three songs by one artist to feature in the Top 100 at the same time, Taylor Swift is unable to duplicate her dominance of the US singles countdown, BBC reported.

Taylor Swift would have owned eight of the top ten singles this week if that restriction hadn't been in place. She must make do with being ranked number three (Lavender Haze), number three (Anti-Hero), and number four (Snow On The Beach).

Also, according to Billboard magazine, Swift's most recent album assisted her in breaking multiple records.

Hits & Records

With 40 top 10 singles, Taylor Swift now has more than Madonna's 38 top 10 hits in the history of the list.

The first album in history to produce 10 top 10 singles is Midnights. Midnights has the biggest weekly vinyl album sales of the twenty-first century in the UK, selling 62,000 vinyl copies on its own.

Taylor Swift Is Billboard The First Artist To Occupy The Entire Top 10
Also, Taylor Swift surpasses Drake and The Beatles for the most Hot 100 chart-topping singles in a single week.

Not to mention Taylor Swift also set records for the number of album streams on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music in a single day.

Indeed, what happened with the Midnights album will be a landmark in music history, and Taylor Swift certainly has something to be proud of.

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