Ana de Armas Looking Fabulous in Her Louis Vuitton Dress with Swarovski

In a spectacular long dress, the actress Ana de Armas was a brilliant appearance, both literally and figuratively, at the premiere of the new James Bond movie.

At the event which took place in London, Ana de Armas wore a black velvet dress, with a deep V-neckline and a deep slit, created by the famous brand Louis Vuitton, with silver straps woven with Swarovski crystals.

"I feel so lucky to be wearing this beautiful velvet gown they made for me – the detailing on the straps is truly incredible and I’m also wearing gorgeous Chopard jewels, which makes the evening extra special", said Ana De Armas, who is an Estée Lauder ambassador, according to Vogue.
Ana de Armas Looking Fabulous Her Louis Vuitton Dress with Swarovski
Born in Havana in 1988, the Spanish-American actress appeared alone on the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, joining her colleagues in the cast of the new feature film "No Time To Die", in which she plays an MI5 agent in Cuba, a role written especially for her.

Ana de Arma is Delighted to be a Bond Girl

Ana de Armas was born in Cuba on April 30, 1988. She moved to Spain at the age of 18 but decided at one point that she wanted a career in Hollywood. In 2019 she was announced as the new Bond girl, so now, after two years, she stepped on the red carpet with James Bond, aka Daniel Craig,  and the other big names in the cast.
Ana de Armas Looking Fabulous in Her Louis Vuitton Dress with Swarovski
"I never thought I would be a Bond girl. They were all so tall, perfect, and full of glamor ... a level of perfection hard to achieve," the actress told EFE a few months ago.

Ana de Armas was nominated for the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes on January 5 for her role in "Knives Out" and, although she did not win the trophy, this seriously boosted her career.
Ana de Armas Looking Fabulous Louis Vuitton Dress with Swarovski
"No Time To Die" has suffered several delays due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The same holds true for the movie "Blonde" about Marilyn Monroe, in which Ana de Armas plays the lead role. Although it was cast before the James Bond film, it will be released on screens only in 2022.

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