The First-Ever Rolls Royce Full-Electric Luxury Car

The first 100% electric Rolls Royce car will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023, announced the famous company, part of the BMW Group. The model will be called "Specter."

According to Rolls Royce, "Specter" is an "extraordinary" model and the company now begins the testing program of cars that will each travel 2.5 million km on four continents, about as much as it would cover on average in 400 years a Rolls Royce on the market.

Rolls-Royce has always sought names that are ethereal and otherworldly for its most authoritative and powerful cars, such as Ghost, Phantom, Wraith, Shadow, and Spirit.

"Spectre evokes an omen or portent of great magnitude — it presages a fundamental change in our familiar earthly matrix.  Rolls-Royce, the most revered and historic name in the history of luxury and automotive endeavor, is imminently about to introduce an electric car. The name suits the car perfectly. A silent, menacing creation. Powerful and edgy, but in profile, smooth, sleek and elegant", said the company on its official website.
The First-Ever Rolls Royce Full-Electric Luxury Car 2
Pictures Credit: Rolls Royce
The car will begin a new era for Rolls-Royce. The company says that by 2030 its entire range of cars will be electric. Rolls Royce has an extremely good sales period due to the "Cullinan" - an all-terrain, all-season SUV - which costs, on average, 400,000 dollars.

The Prophecy of one of Rolls Royce's Founders is Being Fulfilled

The company says that the 1900 prophecy of one of the founders, Charles Rolls, is being fulfilled.

After testing an electric car at that time, Charles Rolls said that the future of the car is electric because the electric car does not make noise and is ecological.
The Rolls Royce Full-Electric Luxury Car
Things went in the opposite direction and the century was one of internal combustion engines and even 10 years ago it seemed hard to believe that the day would come when an electric Rolls Royce would be launched, although electric concepts existed.

For this new model - "Specter" - Rolls Royce will use the "Architecture of Luxury" platform used for "Phantom" and "Cullinan".

Rolls Royce - Appreciated by Rich People Across the Globe

In the first three months of this year, Rolls Royce had the best sales quarter in its history, 1,380 cars, especially thanks to the "Cullinan" SUV, which costs $ 335,000 and sells for an average of $ 400,000.

The best full year of sales for the company was 2019, with 5,100 cars, while in 2020 sales fell to less than 3,800. The big leap for the company was from 2009 to 2010 when it went from 1,000 cars to 2,700, and since then it has not fallen below that annual level.
Rolls Royce Full-Electric Luxury Car
Rolls Royce sold 595 cars in Europe last year, and 820 in 2019. The worst year in the last 25 was 2002 when the company sold less than 75 cars, but in the last seven years, it has always exceeded 500.

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