Chopard Welcomes The Lunar New Year With Ancestral Japanese Art Urushi

Famous jewelry company Chopard welcomed the Lunar New Year by launching a luxury watch inspired by the Chinese zodiac calendar.

The Chopard firm was founded in 1860, so it's no surprise that, for its designers, tradition means properly appreciating history and art.

So, Chopard decided to make the watch launched for the Lunar New Year using the ancestral Japanese Urushi lacquering technique.

Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi Year Of The Rabbit Watch

January 22 marks the beginning of the Year of the Water Rabbit, so the famous Swiss firm dedicated a limited series of 88 pieces of the Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Rabbit watch to this grand event.
The luxury accessory is truly a testament to the traditional craftsmanship of gold and lacquer workmanship.
Chopard Welcomes The Lunar New Year With Ancestral Japanese Art Urushi
The 39.5 mm diameter case, made of Chopard's signature 18-carat rose gold, surrounds a black dial. A fantastical scene unfolds as two rabbits frolic among Chinese olive trees, bathed in the light of the full moon - an allusion to the ancient Chinese legend of the Jade Rabbit or Moon Rabbit.

Handcrafted by Japanese master craftsman Minori Koizum, the dial is made with Urushi lacquer, inlaid with silk and gold powder using Maki-e, a technique that places gold leaf between each layer of lacquer.

The Ancestral Japanese Urushi Lacquering Technique

Regarding the lacquering technique, it is good to know that in Japanese different terms are used for "lacquering": shikki (漆器) means "lacquer elements" in the literal sense, while nurimono (塗物) means "coated elements", and urushi-nuri (漆塗) means "covered with lacquer".

The ancestral Urushi lacquering technique is named after the special tree from which resin is harvested once a year. After it is harvested, the resin is treated for three to five years to become a highly resistant varnish, which the Urushi master applies in extremely thin layers.

Chopard Welcomes The Lunar New Year Ancestral Japanese Art Urushi
More than 160 hours of work go into making each Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi dial, with the craftsman drawing on years of experience passed down from generation to generation. Only a few masters possess the skills necessary to apply this complex technique.

And the result is extraordinary.

25 Years Of Mastery In Luxury Watchmaking

According to the "Watch I Love" website, this tradition of watches dedicated to the Chinese New Year began when, under the leadership of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Chopard founded the L.U.C. collection, dedicated to the art and traditions of fine watchmaking.

The L.U.C. XP Urushi Year of the Rabbit is part of this tradition, and the first watch in this line, the L.U.C 1860, was introduced in 1997.
Chopard Welcomes  Lunar New Year With Ancestral Japanese Art Urushi
Subsequently, over time, the luxury watchmaker has expanded the collection, constantly adding refined and often highly original designs over the years.

The audacious L.U.C. XP Urushi Year of the Rabbit Watch marks the next chapter in this enchanting story while demonstrating Chopard's boundless capacity for reinvention and surprise. This watch is a rare and playful interpretation of Chopard's watchmaking and design codes, ideal for collectors.

Year Of The Water Rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Chinese New Year, also called the Year of the Water Rabbit, began on 22 January 2023 and ends on 9 February 2024.

In the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023, the predominant colors are white, blue, and black.

The Chinese New Year brings stability to certain segments of life.

In the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023, peace and harmony will be restored, as this animal hates conflict and war.

Astrologers say that the Chinese New Year will make us look confidently to the future, be more understanding and turn our attention more to really important issues.

Photo credit: Photos Courtesy of Chopard

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