Unique $780k Luxury Watch Jacob & Co Received By Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia

Famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo received a 780,000 dollars unique gift in Saudi Arabia - a luxury watch signed by Jacob & Co.

Cristiano Ronaldo completed his transfer to Al-Nassr last month before being officially unveiled in early January.

Now, the Portuguese star is enjoying high social status in Saudi Arabia, which brings him many benefits.

Ronaldo Received A Jacob & Co Luxury Watch

The 37-year-old player was presented with a one-of-a-kind 780,000 dollars Saudi-inspired Jacob & Co watch featuring 338 ultra-rare gemstones.

 Unique $780k Luxury Watch Jacob & Co Received By Cristiano Ronaldo

And Cristiano Ronaldo's new watch pays homage to the country he now lives in with his gorgeous partner, Georgina Rodriguez.

That's because the watch is green, the same color as the Saudi flag.

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