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Article: "Cipria" - Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter Collection 2023-2024

"Cipria" - Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter Collection 2023-2024 - DSF Antique Jewelry

"Cipria" - Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter Collection 2023-2024

Giorgio Armani's autumn-winter 2023-24 collection, recently exhibited on stage in Milan, was inspired by the role makeup plays in women's lives.

Entitled "Cipria", the Italian word for "face powder", the collection presents pieces of clothing that seem to envelop the body like a soft caress, "merging" with it, giving it elegance, softness, and a sense of comfort, of being at ease with oneself: silky dresses reminiscent of pajamas, enveloping shawls, soft trousers, fluffy sweaters, elongated jackets, and long dresses.

"Cipria", or "poudre" as the French call it, which gives the collection its name, is always an intimate, personal moment, just like the atmosphere that dominates this collection: the wardrobe is fluid and sublime.

A woman who has discovered her intimacy dresses very carefully and with pleasure. In the case of Giorgio Armani's Autumn/Winter 2023-24 collection, the woman dresses in the colors she normally wears on her face, from light pink to wet sand (colors inspired by powder and foundation shades) to orange (eye shadows), ending with the drama of black for evening.

"Cipria" - Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter Collection 2023-2024

But these dresses don't just have the intimate color of a dressing room, they also have the fragrance and ability to reveal themselves with understated elegance.

Seeing them and smelling the slightly powdery, floral scent of an iridescent eyeshadow palette is the same as watching them evolve on the catwalk - it almost evokes the gesture of opening a lipstick and swirling the base until its pink contents are revealed.

Beaded fringe dances across the lipsticks, almost akin to glittering hairstyles, adding allure and mystery.

An enveloping and personal vision that suggests intimacy as an antidote to a moment of theatrical excess.

Giorgio Armani's Autumn-Winter Collection - Intimacy Versus Confusion

"I suggest intimacy as an antidote to a moment of theatrical excess," Giorgio Armani concluded after the fashion show presentation.

For the first time, in front of the cameras, Giorgio Armani tells many things in public about his private life that he had never told before.

He talked, for example, about the time he had to sell his Volkswagen Beetle to finance the business he opened with his life partner Sergio Galeotti, and about the worldwide success that came at the same time with the costumes made for the 1980 film "American Gigolo", written and directed by Paul Schrader.

But at the end of the presentation of his "Cipria" collection, Giorgio Armani wanted to express another profound sentiment.

"For me, fashion was and still is a remarkable commitment because I have always remained firm on my principle: fashion is made for women and men and not for fashion critics," Armani said.

We can all note Armani's extraordinary creativity. Just a month ago, he presented in Paris, the Giorgio Armani Privé collection entitled Rondò Armaniano.

The haute couture collection contained creations that suggested a light, cheerful, even dancing Armani, despite that somewhat melancholic figure of the Venetian mask dominating with its familiar palette of colors.

Cipria Giorgio Armani Autumn-Winter Collection Fashion

Giorgio Armani clarified the issue at the time, to clear any misunderstandings:

"I didn't immediately think of Venice, but the reference to the carnival and the comedia dell'arte somehow led me there, to that atmosphere. The imaginative setting for this Privé fantasy, which I have named Rondò Armaniano, is a ball in a rococo palace, with lights multiplied by the refraction of crystals and chandeliers. I am known as a realist, and a fashion pragmatist, but I also have a more eccentric and imaginative side. The diamonds go from clothes to the catwalk, enveloping everything, and the background music amplifies the effect."

Much more detailed information regarding this topic we can find on the official Armani website, used as the main source, along with Style Magazine, and Gazette.

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