Ed Sheeran Becomes "The King Of Spotify" With Over 100 Million Subscribers

The famous British singer Ed Sheeran is the first artist in the world to reach 100 million subscribers on Spotify.

This is the day when Ed Sheeran became the undisputed king of the Spotify platform.

To mark the milestone, the British singer of "Shape of You" received a T-shirt from the music streaming platform, as seen in a video he shared on Twitter.

"Absolutely mental. What an achievement Ed. Congrats! 👏 @spotify" - Ed Sheeran HQ on Twitter

Ed Sheeran Becomes "The King Of Spotify Over 100 Million Subscribers

In the video, Ed Sheeran appears at the Roi Baudouin stadium in Brussels, where he played two concerts on Friday and Saturday, wearing a T-shirt with the message "Ask me about my 100 million Spotify followers".

"So I just hit 100 million followers on Spotify and Spotify has sent me this t-shirt, so I'm gonna walk around the stadium and ask the people to ask about my 100 million followers 'cause they all gonna be so excited for me!", said Ed Sheeran in the video.

Ed Sheeran Becomes King Of Spotify" With Over 100 Million Subscribers

After Ed Sheeran, who claims the top spot, come artists Ariana Grande (81.7 million Spotify subscribers), Billie Eilish (66.3 million), Drake (65.5 million), and Justin Bieber (63.6 million).

Not long ago, Ed Sheeran became the most-played artist on the radio worldwide.  According to Viberate, Ed Sheeran's songs are the most played on radio stations around the world in 2021. To be more specific, the 30-year-old British hitmaker has been played globally on radio stations 4.3 million times in the last year.

The songwriter and performer of the international hit "Shape of You" (2017) is also Britain's richest star under 30, with a fortune of over 300 million dollars.




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