Groundbreaking Discovery. Researchers Found A Method To Predict Earthquakes

An Israeli research team discovered a method to predict earthquakes 48 hours ahead with 80% accuracy.

Things that we can not control nor predict are frightening. And not many things can make us fill so powerless and... mortal as earthquakes do.

What if we could predict them and prepare ourselves ahead of time? Both in terms of looking for shelter and mentally.

It seems this wish is not impossible to fulfill. Israeli researchers say they have discovered a method to predict earthquakes 48 hours ahead with 80% accuracy, as detailed in a peer-reviewed study published in the scientific journal Remote Sensing in May.

Earthquakes Can Be Predicted, Scientists Say

The method developed by a team of scientists at Ariel University and the Center for Research & Development Eastern Branch saw them implement a machine learning support vector machine (SVM) technique, applied with GPS map data of ionospheric total electron content to calculate its electron charge density.

Israeli experts claim that their method can predict earthquakes 48 hours in advance with 80% accuracy. By studying changes in the Earth's ionosphere, the sliver of atmosphere which meets the vacuum of space, the researchers were able to evaluate potential precursors to several major earthquakes that occurred in the past 20 years.

They defined major earthquakes as those exceeding Mw 6 on the Moment magnitude scale, which measures an earthquake's magnitude based on its seismic movement.

Through the method they developed, Israeli experts found that a major earthquake can be predicted with 80% accuracy.

Furthermore, the researchers were able to accurately predict when an earthquake would not occur in a specified region with an accuracy of 85.7%.

The study was led by Dr. Yuval Reuvani, Dr. Li-Ad Gotlieb, and Dr. Nimrod Inbar of Ariel University and Ph.D. student Said Asali of the same institution's Department of Computer Science in Israel.

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