Ed Sheeran Has A Massive Fortune. His HUGE Salary Revealed

The famous British singer Ed Sheeran has a huge salary. His fortune has reached 250 million pounds (283 million dollars)!

Ed Sheeran is one of today's most highly regarded artists, and this is of course reflected in his income. The singer offers a huge salary and his fortune has reached a quarter of a billion.

Ed Sheeran Has A Huge Fortune

Ed Sheeran gave himself a salary of £8.4 million last year from Ed Sheeran Ltd after earning £34 million. The pop star's fortune stands at £250 million and he has no desire to hire a tax cut team.

So Ed Sheeran paid taxes worth £4.9 million last year. But the amount he collected in total last year is huge - £34 million, after having several songs enter the charts around the world.

He paid his taxes, and employees and gave money to family and friends. Some he donated to charitable causes. But he didn't forget himself and gave himself a salary of £8.4 million.

Ed Sheeran's Approach Regarding Wealth

"It’s like, earn a penny, spend a penny with me. As soon as it comes in, it goes out. I don’t have that much value on it. I have more value on my friends and family being OK," Ed Sheeran said some time ago.

"A lot of my money goes to charity or to children’s hospitals near where I live. I have enough to be comfortable and the rest goes to help people," the artist was quoted by The Sun as saying.

Ed Sheeran is married with two children. The British singer's second daughter was born in May this year.

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