Extraordinary Ancient Gold Treasure Discovered in Denmark

Ancient gold objects dating back about 1,500 years, which make up one of the biggest, most valuable, and most beautiful treasures in the history of Denmark, were recently discovered in the northern European country, the Museum Association of the City of Vejle announced on Sunday.

According to DPA, an amateur archaeologist discovered the 22 objects - most likely dating from the 5th century and weighing a total of 945 grams - using a metal detector.
Extraordinary Ancient Gold Treasure Discovered in Denmark

Photo Source: vejlemuseerne.dk
The discovery was made near Jelling, which was once a thriving human settlement, and is now a major archaeological site in Denmark.

The gold discovered consists mainly of beautifully decorated medallions but also includes some Roman coins, transformed into jewelry.

Some pieces of ancient jewelry have runic motifs and inscriptions, which may refer to the rulers of the time, but also contain elements from Norse mythology.
ancient gold treasure discovered in Denmark
The treasure will be exhibited in the city of Vejle starting February 3, 2022.

The Most Famous Objects in the History of Denmark

Danish archaeologist Morten Axboe compared the significance of these artifacts to the so-called Golden Horns of Gallehus, two drinking horns that are among the most famous objects in Danish history.

His colleague Peter Vang Petersen, a researcher at the National Museum in Copenhagen, said the treasure was a "dream discovery" of exceptional size, quality, and craftsmanship.
2 ancient gold treasure discovered in Denmark
Representatives of the Vejle Museum Association said that "The fascinating journey of gold tells us a lot about the European continent, which was already closely linked by trade and war in the Iron Age."

In Denmark, the Iron Age is defined as the period between 500 BC. and 775 e.n., which marks the beginning of the Viking Age.

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