Jean-Paul Belmondo: Eight Memorable Lines from His Famous Movies

The famous French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo died on Monday at his home in Paris. He was 88 years old.

Nicknamed "Bébel", he has acted in more than tens of films and left behind memorable roles such as the young delinquent in the movie "A bout de souffle" ("Breathless") or the one in which he was hanging from a helicopter over Venice in "Le guignolo".

Here are some of Jean-Paul Belmondo's memorable lines from his approximately 75 films selected by AFP:

1. "L'Homme de Rio", by Philippe de Broca (1964): "Leaving his country, his family, his army, his friends, crossing the oceans to see a little girl throwing herself into the sound of pots and pans, does that seem normal to you?"
Jean-Paul Belmondo was one of France's biggest screen stars and a symbol of 1960s New Wave cinemaJean-Paul Belmondo was one of France's biggest screen stars and a symbol of 1960s New Wave cinema. (AFP/AFP via Getty Images)

2. "Cent mille dollars au soleil", by Henri Verneuil (1964): "When the 130 kilograms say certain things, the 60 kilograms listen to them."

3. "La sirène du Mississipi", by François Truffaut (1969):

- Jean-Paul Belmondo: "When I look at you, it's a pain."

- Catherine Deneuve: "Yet yesterday you said it was a joy."

- Jean-Paul Belmondo: "It is a joy and a suffering."

4. "Borsalino", by Jacques Deray (1970):

- Alain Delon: "François, why are you leaving?"

- Jean-Paul Belmondo: "Because there are two of us."

5."Docteur Popaul", by Claude Chabrol (1972): "I'm tired of being loved for myself, I would like to be loved for my money".

6. "Flic ou voyou", by Georges Lautner (1979): "I know you didn't kill the other idiot! But you shot others! If you add the racket, the drugs, it's a nice career anyway! The twenty years you take, it's kind of the work medal you're going to be given."

7. "Le Gignolo", by Georges Lautner (1980): "Do you know the difference between a crook and a thief? A thief, from time to time, rests".

8. "Itinéraire d'un enfant gâté", by Claude Lelouch (1988): "The best way to make people think you know everything is to never look surprised. Because often if you have a face of a surprised man, it is a defect (...) It is amazing, but it should not surprise you".

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