Fashion House Givenchy Criticized For Using a Necklace That Resembles a Noose

The French house Givenchy was the target of criticism because of a "noose necklace" worn by its models at the presentation of the Paris Fashion Week.

Three Givenchy models wore gold and silver versions of the noose-shaped accessory at the presentation of the spring-summer 2022 collection.

The peculiar necklace is the creation of Matthew Williams, the new creative director of Givenchy, and was part of his first live catwalk show.

Givenchy Spurs Outrage on Social Media

Numerous negative comments later appeared on social networks disapproving of the "offensive" and "crude" jewelry pieces.

"You’d think the industry would’ve learned not to put things that resemble nooses around a model’s neck after the whole Burberry noose hoodie debacle in 2019…," was written on the Instagram account "Diet Prada".

The Fashion watchdog was referring to the 2019 controversy when Burberry had to apologize after a model complained he was "triggered" by a hooded top with a "loop" around his neck shown at London Fashion Week.
Fashion House Givenchy Criticized Using a Necklace Resembles a Noose
"This Givenchy official necklace that just came down the runway steers dangerously close to that same territory. Really makes you wonder how no one noticed, but alas… history repeats itself", said "Diet Prada".

"How did this go through several people before this show and everyone thought this was OK? And why am I not surprised?", activist and artist Kim Saira reacted.

"Honestly in which world having a noose hanging on a girl's neck is fashion, Givenchy? Spring/Summer 2022 dragged way back to 1822. Do better, Matthew, both for the brand and the world. Young girls & guys don't need to see this at any stage, especially Paris Fashion Week," said Abhik Choudhury.

The Noose Necklace's Creator Reacts

The creative director of Givenchy explained to Vogue that the entire collection is complex and was created with the help of American artist Josh Smith, inspired by "Grim Reaper" paintings.

The House of Givenchy did not officially comment on the necklace controversy.

Several famous brands have promoted in recent years various concepts considered by the public and some specialists as uninspired: Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana.

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