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Article: Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Looks Fabulous in a Wedding Dress with Large Silver Jewelry

Georgina Rodriguez Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Looks Fabulous in a Wedding Dress with Large Silver Jewelry

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, the beautiful Georgina Rodriguez, seems to have sent a subtle message in her last post on Instagram, in which she appears dressed in a white outfit, just like a bride.

In the Netflix documentary about the relationship between the two icons, the 37 years old Argentinian-Spanish model and actress recently admitted that she is anxiously waiting for the moment when Cristiano will decide to ask her to be his wife.
Georgina Rodriguez Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend
We don't know when and if the superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will decide to take this step, but till then Georgina Rodriguez has provided us with us a picture of what she would look like at the altar.

Thus, on her Instagram account, Georgina was photographed in the sea in a gorgeous white dress, accessorized with large silver jewelry, but also with a sarong that can be likened to a bridal veil.

Her photo went viral on Instagram, she got almost 2.7 million likes.

Georgina Has Been Ronaldo's Life Partner for Several Years

The two met in June 2016 in Madrid, where Georgina worked in a Gucci store, as a sales assistant. She said that "it was love at first sight".

A few days later, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez met at an event and have been in a relationship ever since. Lately, there is more and more talk about the fact that the two are going to get married.

The couple has a daughter, Alana Martina, but the model also raises the other three children of the Portuguese star: Cristiano jr. and twins Eva Maria and Mateo.


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