Italian Authorities Confiscate The Armored Mercedes Of Russian Oligarch Usmanov

Italian authorities confiscated a luxury armored Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard from Russian billionaire Usmanov in Sardinia.

The move against the Russian oligarch is in accordance with the EU sanctions imposed on Russia over the war in Ukraine.

The luxury car of the former Arsenal shareholder - once said to be Britain's richest person - is worth over 650,000 dollars.

Usmanov's Armored Mercedes Was Confiscated

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard was allegedly used to transport Putin during "secret visits" to Sardinia, a popular destination for Russian oligarchs, particularly in the Porto Cervo area.

Usmanov's vehicle was built to withstand bullets and explosives.

The Russian billionaire is an honorary citizen of Arzachena, the administrative center of Porto Cervo, where the car was bought in 2018, according to Corriere Della Sera, quoted by The Guardian.

Usmanov Was Famous In Sardinia

The mayor of Arzachena, Roberto Ragnedda, told the Italian press in early March that Usmanov regularly hosted "heads of state, businessmen and personalities who have played fundamental roles in the world's economy, culture, politics, and property".

Local newspaper L'Unione Sarda reported that other assets he owned were also seized on the island, including a property complex worth over 22 million dollars in the Gulf of Pevero and six company cars.

Usmanov said last week that millions of dollars of his assets are in an irrevocable trust fund.

Other properties owned by oligarchs seized in Sardinia include 4,5 million dollars worth of property linked to Petr Aven, who until recently ran Alfa Bank, Russia's largest commercial bank, and a property complex in Portisco, in the municipality of Olbia, owned by billionaire businessman Alexei Mordasov.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says just over 4 million Ukrainians have fled the country since the Russian invasion began on February 24, while the country is being devastated by Russian bombs. The number of victims inside the country due to the war is still unknown at this point.

Meanwhile, the president of the World Bank has told the BBC that the war in Ukraine is "a catastrophe" for the world which will cut global economic growth.

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