Kim Kardashian Has Destroyed The Legendary Dress Worn By Marilyn Monroe In 1962

Marilyn Monroe's famous dress ... isn't what it used to be.

It was worn by Kim Kardashian to the Met Gala this year. And the collector's item of clothing is destroyed. What's worse, it's beyond repair.

The stunning garment made history in 1962 when Marilyn Monroe sang "Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday.
Kim Kardashian wore the dress to the Met Gala 60 years after the first lady did. With her hand-stitched outfit and more than 6,000 crystals, Kim would adorn the red carpet. She swapped the original dress for a replica after posing on the red carpet for 15 minutes.

Kim Kardashian Tore Up Marilyn Monroe's Gown At The Met Gala

Only it was already too late. With the zipper broken and the fabric loose, dirty, and with crystals torn or barely holding on. This is how she returned the dress. After collector Scott Fortner posted several pictures detailing the fate of the renowned outfit in detail, the pictures quickly went viral.

At the Met Gala, even Kim Kardashian acknowledged that she made compromises to fit in: "I tried it on and it didn't fit. So I looked at them and said, 'Give me three weeks. I had to lose 20 pounds by today."

The Priciest Gown Sold At Auction Cannot Be Fixed

The item of apparel rose to the status of the most costly dress ever sold at auction in 2016. The total cost had reached more than $5 million. Given that the material it is made of is no longer produced, there are very few chances for it to be restored.

American designer Bob Mackie, who created the dress, expressed disappointment that Kim Kardashian was allowed to wear the piece.

"It was a big mistake. Marilyn was a goddess. A crazy goddess, but a goddess. She was simply fabulous. Nobody poses like that. The dress was designed for her. No one else should have been seen in that dress," he said.

The incident also drew unfavorable responses from internet users:

"It's so sad that this happened, I can't believe someone was allowed to wear this dress."

"How far is this individual (n.r. Kim Kardashian) willing to go to gain notoriety. She wore a dress of historical significance. What disrespect!"

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