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Article: Labirinti Gucci: An Exquisite Jewelry Collection Honoring Italian Gardens

Labirinti Gucci Exquisite Jewelry Collection Honoring Gardens

Labirinti Gucci: An Exquisite Jewelry Collection Honoring Italian Gardens

Gucci shows class again in its established style. This time it is paying tribute to Italian gardens with “Labirinti”, its new high jewelry collection.

This week, Gucci unveiled this amazing collection at the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium in Ravello, an Amalfi Coast resort town in Italy.

The town is known for its stunning cliffside gardens, which stand in stark contrast to the dramatic modern architecture of the amphitheater.

According to President and Chief Executive Officer Jean-François Palus, Labirinti Gucci draws inspiration from the extraordinary beauty and harmonious symmetry of nature.

Labirinti Gucci: An Exquisite Jewelry Collection Honoring Italian Garden
Photo: A piece from the Labirinti Gucci collection (Source: Screenshot
The collection celebrates the intrinsic elegance found in every aspect of life, incorporating elements that evoke the tranquillity and purity of the natural world.

As far as Ravello is concerned, the city embodies the timeless charm synonymous with Gucci.

“This historic town, with its quintessential Italian beauty, epitomizes the elegance and sophistication central to our collection and provides the perfect environment to highlight our vision of luxury and Italian style, which are integral to our brand heritage”, said Palus.

Labirinti Gucci
The collection, “Labirinti”, which derives its name from the Italian term for labyrinth, has 140 unique pieces and is centered around three themes: symmetry and ordered beauty, geometric grandeur, and flowering nature, which includes delicate dragonflies, according to WWD.

When asked about the target market for the collection, Palus described the premium jewelry buyers as “a sophisticated global audience, spanning from North America to Asia”.

The Asian market has seen a little movement toward a younger generation, which is particularly significant.

Because of this, Gucci intends to keep organizing high-end events on a global scale, picking distinctive venues like Ravello, while also hosting customized local events targeted at particular regions in the future.  

Purity Of Jewels vs Italian-Style Gardens
Labirinti Gucci infuses the purity of jewels through geometric and harmonious Italian-style gardens, embodying symmetry and ordered beauty.

One of the pieces in this collection is a 5.93-carat Colombian emerald and five diamonds around a linear pavé diamond pattern that resembles the brand's iconic G emblem in a spectacular cuff.

Also, we can admire a 56.37-carat oval-cut green tourmaline, surrounded by 11 other tourmalines in a variety of complementing hues, which accentuates the stone's strong saturation and subtle tones in this necklace.

The Labirinti Gucci collection is completed by a bouquet of flowers is composed of rubellite and tsavorite jewels, and a necklace contrasts a flowery bloom with a thin chain that discreetly displays the G emblem. A 28.07-carat spinel hangs from the piece, along with a variety of tourmaline rubellite beads and pear-cut tsavorites.

A necklace with a 3.25-carat lagoon tourmaline and a 19.68-carat Ethiopian opal, surrounded by mandarin garnets and opals in a bold and linear diamond-set arrangement, exemplifies the geometric magnificence motif.

Labirinti Gucci Jewelry Collection Honoring Italian Gardens
Photo: A piece from the Labirinti Gucci collection (Source: Screenshot
A complex labyrinthine design may be seen in the tourmaline and aquamarine stones. A three-strand necklace set with deeper green tourmalines and shrub-like Paraiba tourmalines leads to a 62.58-carat Brazilian octagonal-cut Santa Maria aquamarine.

The color pattern is repeated in a pair of earrings, a 10.76-carat aquamarine ring, and a matching bracelet with a 35.69-carat aquamarine.

The Blooming Nature
The dragonfly, which is a component of the Blooming Nature motif, is prominently displayed in brooches set with white diamonds, green emeralds, and Paraiba tourmalines next to tanzanites.

Among the most significant gemstones in the Labirinti Gucci collection, a necklace featuring a 113.35-carat green tourmaline stands out. It is possible to remove the tourmaline and wear it as a separate jewel.
Last year, Gucci debuted its high jewelry line at Florence's Palazzo Settimanni, the brand's historical repository.

Allegoria, the collection's name, was inspired by the four seasons' naturally shifting hues.
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