LeBron James Wins "Razzie" For Worst Actor

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has been the brightest spot in the Lakers season, but he was not that bright in his movie career. On Saturday, LeBron "won" the most unwanted film award in the world: The 2022 Golden Raspberry Award — the Razzie — for worst actor in a film.

LeBron James has been "rewarded" for his role in "Space Jam".
LeBron James Wins "Razzie" Worst Actor
The "worst female actor in a  lead role" was considered Jeanne de Waal, for the role in "Diana The Musical", while actress Judy Kay, which plays the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the same movie, was named the worst supporting actress.
Jared Leto (House of Gucci) and Judy Kaye (Diana the Musical) were also "awarded "for their supporting roles.

"Diana The Musical" was considered the worst film.

2022 Golden Raspberry Award: Bruce Willis Had His Own Category

This year, as many as eight films with Bruce Willis were in the running for the Razzie. Namely, the actor had his own category "The Worst Performances of Bruce Willis in a Movie of 2021", and the award went to the movie "Cosmic Sin".

The Golden Raspberry Awards are awarded online by the approximately 1,000 members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation. These awards, founded in 1981 by John J. B. Wilson, parody the Oscars and ironize the weakest films, screenplays, acting, and directing in the American film industry.

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