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Article: Lewis Hamilton Criticizes The Anti-Jewelry Measure Imposed During F1 Races

Lewis Hamilton Criticizes The Anti-Jewelry Measure Imposed During F1 Races - DSF Antique Jewelry
Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton Criticizes The Anti-Jewelry Measure Imposed During F1 Races

The famous F1 pilot Lewis Hamilton is outraged that Formula One drivers have been warned again that they are not allowed to wear jewelry during races. This is a rule he can't abide by.

Niels Wittich, the FIA's (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) new director of racing, spoke to drivers at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix about the Sporting Code which prohibits them from wearing earrings, piercings, and other jewelry pieces during races.

The new director took up the post at Albert Park after the sacking of Michael Masi.

According to this International Sporting Code, all drivers must obey and remove these items during Grand Prix races.

"Wearing jewelry in the form of piercings or metal neck chains is prohibited during the competition and can therefore be checked before the start," said Niels Wittich.
Lewis Hamilton Criticize Anti-Jewelry Measure Imposed F1 Races
According to AFP, the rules are not new but have been brought back into focus after several drivers were seen wearing jewelry in their cars. Several drivers are wearing luxury jewelry in the pits, including seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, but this is not allowed under the regulations.

Lewis Hamilton Criticizes The F1 Anti-Jewelry Measure

The anti-jewelry measure imposed during races outraged Britain's Lewis Hamilton on Friday. He claims that he has piercings he cannot remove.

"I have several piercings that I can't take out, that few people know about," Lewis Hamilton said.

The F1 pilot explained that his earrings are fixed in a way that makes them impossible to remove. He has worn earrings since he made his Formula 1 debut in 2007.

"I have no plans to remove them. I feel there are personal things, you should be able to be who you are. There are things I can't move, I can't even take them off. These in my right ear are literally 'welded', so I should cut them off or something. So they'll stay," the famous Mercedes driver explained, according to

Lewis Hamilton could, in theory, be fined or disqualified if he breaches the sporting code.

However, the FIA is waiting to see if the British sportsman's position will change in the upcoming races before determining whether any action is needed, reports

The restriction on wearing jewelry during races has been part of the regulations defining drivers' safety equipment since 2004. It is seen as a safety measure to reduce the risk to drivers when they have to leave the cockpit.
Lewis Hamilton  F1 Races

Hamilton's Results In The Formula 1 Season

Bahrain Grand Prix - third place

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - 10th place

Australian Grand Prix - fourth place

Formula 1 Drivers' Standings

1. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 71 points

2. George Russell (Mercedes) 37

3. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) 33

4. Sergio Perez (RedBull) 30

5. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 28

6. Max Verstappen (RedBull) 25 etc.

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