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Article: Lewis Hamilton Defies The F1 Anti-Jewelry Measure Imposed On Drivers

Lewis Hamilton Defies The F1 Anti-Jewelry Measure Imposed On Drivers
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Defies The F1 Anti-Jewelry Measure Imposed On Drivers

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has asked Britain's Lewis Hamilton to remove his numerous pieces of jewelry when driving. But the world champion is not yielding to pressure.

Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton reiterated on Friday,  at a press conference, that he will not remove his jewelry as the FIA has asked him to do, even if it means missing this weekend's Miami Grand Prix.

"If they stop me, let them do it. We have reserve drivers so we are ready and prepared for the weekend. There are a lot of things to do in this city so I will be fine in any case," was the firm message sent by Lewis Hamilton.

Ironically, the F1 champion was wearing at the press conference several rings, necklaces, and no more than three watches on his wrist, aligned to different time zones. Furthermore, he also has an earring and a nose piercing.

Lewis Hamilton Opposes The F1 Anti-Jewelry Measures

While the ban on wearing jewelry onboard Formula 1's supercars was introduced in 2005 as a safety measure, it has never really been respected by drivers. It is a  well-known fact that several of them, including Lewis Hamilton, are wearing luxury jewelry in the pits.

"I have several piercings that I can't take out, that few people know about. I have no plans to remove them. I feel there are personal things, you should be able to be who you are. There are things I can't move, I can't even take them off. These in my right ear are literally 'welded', so I should cut them off or something. So they'll stay," Lewis Hamilton said.

But this season, the new FIA race director Niels Wittich has decided to enforce it.

"Wearing jewelry in the form of piercings or metal chains around the neck is prohibited during competition and can therefore be checked before the start. Wearing jewelry during competition can hinder medical interventions as well as subsequent diagnosis and treatment if they are necessary following an accident," Niels Wittich explained.

Lewis Hamilton wasn't convinced by his arguments at all and insisted that he will not respect the anti-jewelry measures.

"I have been practicing this sport for sixteen years. I have been wearing jewelry for sixteen years. In the car, I only have my earrings and my nose piercing, which I can't even take out. I will try to communicate and work with Mohammed (Ben Sulayem, FIA President), I am here to be an ally of the sport, Mohammed, and F1 and I think we have other things to do and an impact to have, so that's where we have to focus," said the Mercedes driver.
According to, the driver agreed for this weekend to take off all the jewelry he could - and was given an exemption until the Monaco GP at the end of May to comply with the regulations.  

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