The Biggest White Diamond Ever Auctioned Sold For Huge Amount But Less Than Expected

"The Rock", the biggest white diamond ever put up for auction, was sold at an auction by Christie's for 21.9 million dollars.

The famous auction house announced that "The Rock" - an egg-sized white diamond -  was sold Wednesday for more than 21.6 million Swiss francs ($21.9 million), including fees at the end of an auction that lasted only a few minutes, in the applause of collectors gathered in large numbers.

Despite its grandeur, "The Rock" fell short of its lowest estimated value. Ahead of the auction, the famous diamond was estimated at between $20 million to $30 million.

With 228.31 carats, "The Rock", whose seller is originally from North America, but who preferred to remain anonymous, had all the elements needed to seduce gem lovers and investors.
The Biggest White Diamond Ever Auctioned
"It's a truly exceptional pear-shaped diamond and it's perfectly symmetrical," said Max Fawcett, director of the jewelry department at Christie's in Geneva, a few days before the auction.

The Rock - An Unicorn Of Diamonds

According to Max Fawcett, there are only a few diamonds in this category in the world.

The most recent record set for a similar white diamond (163.41 carats) was $33.7 million (including the purchase premium) - equivalent to $206,236 per carat - and was set at an auction held in November 2017 in Geneva. According to Christie's, that amount is a record price for all auctions organized by the world's largest houses.

"The Rock" has a diameter of 3.1 cm and a length of 5.4 cm, is larger than a golf ball and weighs 61.3 grams, and weighs more than a tennis ball. Extracted from a mine in South Africa in the early 2000s, this diamond was originally sold by Christie's to a private collector in a no-public auction.

"The Rock" was previously worn as a lavish Cartier necklace by its former owner. Along with the pear-shaped stone, the new owner will also receive a round diamond and platinum pendant mounting from the French luxury brand.

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