Meghan Markle Wears Jewelry with Protective Talismans Against Bad Energies

Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, defends herself against bad luck wearing jewelry pieces with protective talismans.

The former Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry are one of the most publicized couples in the Royal Family. The actress from "Suits" has often been the center of attention, for several scandals sparked in the British tabloids. It all culminated in April 2020, when Meghan and Harry moved to Los Angeles and left the Royal Family as well as their duties as senior members.

According to Viva, it seems that Meghan has a trick to defend herself against bad luck. A jewel with a talisman known all over the world is guarded by the former Duchess from the evil eye and the evils of those around her.

The clothing style chosen by Meghan Markle has provoked controversial reactions several times, and this was also true for the Duchess's jewelry. If the actress preferred to wear casual clothes, elegant and classic, but modern at the same time, inspired by the fashion on the American streets, the jewelry was always simple and delicate, suitable for any outfit.

Among jewelry, tabloids and fashion magazines have noticed that there are often talismans, known throughout the world, that Meghan wore to protect herself from the negative energies around her.

Meghan Markle's Jewelry - Talisman Against The "Evil Eye"

Prince Harry's wife was often seen wearing jewelry completely and utterly unusual for the classic style of the Royal Family.

If necklaces accompanied by diamonds and other precious stones, inherited and passed down from generation to generation, are generally worn at Buckingham Palace, Meghan chose simple and delicate pieces, accompanied by talismans that are believed to be protective.

For example, in a Zoom conference, the former Duchess of Sussex appeared wearing a medallion with "Evile Eye". The symbol of the blue eye is well known in Turkey and Greece, and in popular traditions, it is said that it would protect the wearer from the negative energies of those around him.

How Does The "Evil Eye" Work?

There are many legends regards the "Evil Eye". According to one of them, there was a rock in the middle of the sea that could not be moved or broken with the help of a hundred people. At the seaside was a small town where a man lived who was said to have a "bad eye" (Nazar).
eye jewelry
After many efforts, the people of the city brought this man in front of the rock and as he looked at it he exclaimed: "God! What a big rock!" The moment he said that a crack was seen, a loud noise was heard and the rock cracked.

The evil eye is very popular in Turkey and Greece, where people wore talismans to be protected against the evil eye. In Turkey, it is known as "Nazar Boncuk" and talismans against it can be seen hanging on doors, on car windows, worn around the necks, or applied on the clothing of babies.

Meghan Markle's Jewelry - "Fatima's Hand"

In addition to "Evil Eye", Meghan was also seen in 2018 wearing a ring with "Fatima's Hand", a symbol that is said to protect the wearer. The jewelry worn at the time came from the Turkish brand Kismet by Milka and was made of gold.

Over time, Meghan has repeatedly tried to protect herself from the negative energies of those around her, especially during media scandals that have seldom brought her to the spotlight.

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