Melania Trump Has Two Engagement Rings Worth More Than $ 9 Million Together

The former First Lady of the United States enjoys a rich life thanks to her husband, businessman Donald Trump, who even ended up being the president of the world's greatest power. In addition to the elegant outfits she displays, people also saw her extremely expensive jewelry, especially her two diamond engagement rings.

So why does Melania Trump have two different engagement rigs?

Born in Slovenia, Melania Knauss started dating Donald Trump in 1998, shortly after they met. In 2004 they were already engaged, and at the beginning of 2005, she officially became Melania Trump, as the two got married in a costly, opulent ceremony in Florida. She married Donald Trump in a Christian Dior dress full of glitter and excess, but very well made and stylish.

Donald Trump asked his wife to marry him with a 15-carat diamond engagement ring, which at the time was worth 4.2 million dollars, boasting in his characteristic style that he had received a discount of nearly 50 % upon its acquisition.

Melania trump ring

According to OK Magazine, now, 15 years after the wedding, Melania can no longer be seen wearing that ring. Their relatives claim that in 2015 when Trump was considering running in next year's presidential election, he offered Melania a new engagement ring to "secure" her and persuade her to help him keep his family image in front of the public.

So, choosing the occasion of the 10th anniversary of their wedding, Trump offered her a new 25-carat diamond ring worth 5 million dollars. It can be seen, even today, on the ring of the former First Lady.

However, for official photos from her husband's campaign, Melania chose to wear her first engagement ring.

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