"Operation London Bridge": What Happens If The Queen Of England Dies?

What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II - Britain's longest-serving monarch - will die? New details about the so-called "Operation London Bridge".

Her Royal Majesty turned 96 years old on April 21.

New plans have been revealed for "Operation London Bridge", which will be launched immediately after the Queen's death.

The Queen's Death: Operation Codenamed "London Bridge"

So, as part of the operation, all the special bells will ring at the Queen's death and funeral.

Of the 16,000 churches in Great Britain, most have not rung their bells, lined with leather to make a quieter noise, since the death of King George VI, the Queen's father.
Queen Elizabeth
Plans for the operation codenamed "London Bridge" also include arrangements for maximum security, safeguards against Covid, and even management of the Royal Family's social media accounts.

The operation will involve a series of activities spanning 10 days, from the monarch's passing to the funeral service at Westminster Abbey.

Prince Charles will speak to the nation on the day of the Queen's death before leaving on a bereavement tour of Britain.

Flags will be lowered at half-mast at all government buildings in less than 10 minutes, and the sitting of Parliament will be interrupted if it takes place then.

"Operation Spring Tide"

The Royal Family's official website will have a black homepage confirming the Queen's death.

A minute's silence will be held across the country, and the Prime Minister will meet King Charles at 6 pm for a meeting, codenamed "Operation Spring Tide".

Queen Elizabeth II's coffin will be laid to rest in a place open to the public.

Her Majesty did not attend the Easter service at St George's Chapel in Windsor, being represented by Prince Charles and Camilla.

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