Platinum Jubilee: The "Fabulous" Gift Sent By Macron To Queen Elizabeth

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, sent a "fabulous" gift to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain for her Platinum Jubilee.

On the occasion of her Royal Majestys's Platinum Jubilee, Emmanuel Macron sent Queen Elizabeth II a cavalry horse named... "Fabulous".

"To celebrate Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to present Her Majesty with one of the horses of the Republican Guard," a presidential source told Paris Match.

The 7-year-old grey thoroughbred horse crossed the English Channel from Paris to become the Queen's permanent property this week. The gift will also include a saddle and a Republican Guard sword.

Queen Elizabeth II is Britain's longest-serving monarch. Her 70-year-old reign will be celebrated with great fast.

Queen Elizabeth Got A Cavalry Horse As A Gift From Macron

The cavalry horse, whose full name is "Fabuleux de Maucourt", is named after the stud farm in the Meuse department of north-eastern France where he was born.

The special gift is due to be handed over to Her Majesty's Household Cavalry on Wednesday 1 June during the official ceremony at Windsor Castle.

"Fabulous" was one of 470 horses that served with the Republican Guard - the French president's elite military unit. To date, the horse has been the admiral of the Cavalry Regiment, said General Eric Bio Farina.

Colonel Gabriel Cortes also said Fabulous is "a wise horse, representative of the regiment, who will please the Queen".

"I understand she likes grey horses very much. I'm sure nothing will make her happier," the colonel added.

Britons are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, which marks Queen Elizabeth II's 70th birthday, from 2-4 June.

Queen Elizabeth II, 96 years old, is the first British sovereign to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

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