Shakira Had A Stunning Appearance At The Cannes Film Festival 2022

Colombian singer Shakira turned heads with her appearance at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Shakira caught eyeballs when she arrived on the red carpet, bringing old Hollywood glamour back by wearing a stunning figure-hugging maxi black dress that had a thigh-high slit.

The strapless dress featured a plunging sweetheart neckline. Shakira accessorized her outfit with a pair of elbow-length gloves, a white gold diamond statement neckpiece at the base of her neck, and a pair of stiletto sandals, all adding to the royal touch of her overall look.

The artist chose a natural hairstyle, letting her hair fall in curls over her bare shoulders.

Shakira Shined At The Cannes Film Festival 2022

She seemed in high spirits in a glamorous palette of makeup including pink lipstick and fluttering lashes. The elegant and provocative dress signed by Mônot is worth around £1,600, according to the Daily Mail.
Shakira Had A Stunning Appearance The Cannes Film Festival
The Colombian star walked the red carpet for the Elvis movie premiere, which stars Austin Butler and Tom Hanks. The film tells the life story of the late Elvis Presley. It covers the highlights of the rock'n'roll legend's life, from his childhood to his success in the music and film industries, and also addresses his tortuous relationship with manager Tom Parker.

Shakira claimed that the film will reveal the "King" to a new generation. "My children, for example," said the singer.

Shakira Is In trouble With The Law

The singer is currently facing a series of legal issues. In 2018, according to Spanish News Today, she was charged with failing to pay €14.5 million euros (the equivalent of $15.5 million) in taxes between 2012 and 2014, after a dispute about her place of residence. The artist is to be sued in Spain for allegedly defrauding the Spanish tax authorities.

While Shakira claimed she resided in the Bahamas during this time, the Spanish courts have accused her of primarily living in Spain and misrepresenting her whereabouts to avoid paying Spanish taxes. According to the Times, Spanish tax authorities have even looked at bills from Shakira's hairstylist to determine how much time she spent in the country.

To make matters worse, Shakira was named in 2021's Pandora Papers, a leak of nearly 12 million financial documents revealing offshore accounts and potential tax evasion among the wealthy.

Shakira has filed an appeal to avoid prosecution, but it was rejected.  

Shakira's conduct in tax matters has always been impeccable in all the countries where she has owed taxes and she has trusted and faithfully followed the advice of the best specialists and advisers, the magistrates said in a statement, Agerpres notes.

Shakira's lawyers said they would continue to defend her "by presenting legal arguments, evidence, and reports from tax experts".

If Shakira is convicted of tax fraud, she could potentially face prison time. However, if her sentence is under two years, she could likely weasel out of it as a first-time offender and pay a fine instead.

With so much working against Shakira's favor, she'll have to try everything to put her tax troubles in the rear-view mirror.

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