Queen Elizabeth's Death: The Huge Fortune Left Behind By The Monarch

Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain died at the honorable age of 96, leaving behind a huge fortune after a seven-decade reign.

The Queen passed away in her bed at Balmoral Castle, her Scottish residence, surrounded by family and loved ones.

Prince Charles will succeed his late mother and become King of Great Britain.

Many wonder how much money and wealth did the Queen leave behind after 70 years on the throne.
Queen Elizabeth II Left Behind A Huge Fortune

According to reports published by Forbes some time ago, Queen Elizabeth II was one of the richest women in the world and the wealthiest person in Britain, with her fortune amounting to a staggering 25 billion dollars.

Throughout her long life and 70-year reign on the British throne, Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed all the comforts and a fairytale lifestyle that most people only dream of.

Her Majesty's Fortune Totals $25 Billion

Of her impressive fortune, Forbes claims that Queen Elizabeth would have inherited 150 million dollars from her late mother. However, the late British sovereign also had other sources of income.

The late Queen owned several properties, including the famous Buckingham Palace, Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the sovereign met her end, and the Sandringham Estate.

Sandringham Palace is inherited from her father, the late King George VI, and is worth an estimated 175 million dollars.

In other news, many of Queen Elizabeth's assets are part of two separate funds representing real estate deals - 18 billion dollars from the Crown Estate and 27 million dollars from the Duchy of Lancaster estate, which dates back to 1265.

Last but not least, Queen Elizabeth received a handsome income from Crown Estate properties of almost 1 billion dollars each year. The monarch also has an impressive collection of priceless works of art and vintage and antique jewelry.

Prince Charles has a smaller fortune than his late mother. The Prince of Wales earns an annual income from the Duchy of Cornwall, which manages a property trust that provides the future King of Great Britain with 450 million dollars in UK business assets.

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