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Article: Rihanna Dazzles With a Lavish Diamond Ankle Watch – Worth A Fortune!

Rihanna Dazzles With a Lavish Diamond Ankle Watch – Worth A Fortune! - DSF Antique Jewelry

Rihanna Dazzles With a Lavish Diamond Ankle Watch – Worth A Fortune!

Rihanna flaunted a luxurious diamond watch on her ankle, and the staggering price of this golden jewelry undoubtedly carries a hefty price tag.

Known for her extravagant style at the age of 35, Rihanna captivated onlookers at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas, donning a Jacob & Co. luxury watch valued at $400,000.

While wearing a watch on the ankle might appear unconventional, Rihanna, celebrated for her eccentricities, further pushed fashion boundaries this year. She was spotted with a ring worth $1 million, elegantly placed on the middle toe of her left foot.

Rihanna Dazzles With a Lavish Diamond Ankle Watch

Rihanna Stuns with a Diamond-Adorned Luxury Ankle Watch

The exquisite jewelry, custom-made from 18-karat white gold and embellished with 155 diamonds, is a testament to opulence.

Jacob & Co. took to its official Instagram account to share the details, stating, "For the F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas, @badgalriri Rihanna wore a $400,000 watch anklet that Jacob & Co. customized for her, adorned with emerald and round-cut diamonds."

Rihanna Dazzles Lavish Diamond Ankle Watch – Worth A Fortune!

The Barbadian-born singing sensation, boasting an impressive fortune estimated at $1.4 billion, openly expresses her passion for luxury watches. In her collection, alongside the featured Jacob & Co. piece, you'll find other remarkable items, including an elegant Rolex Day-Date and collector's pieces from Cartier.

Financial constraints are no obstacle for Rihanna, who stands among the world's wealthiest women, courtesy of her successful cosmetics and lingerie brand, Fenty. Her audacious fashion choices continue to captivate, solidifying her status as an icon of opulence and style.

Rihanna Loves Fabulous Jewelry Pieces

Rihanna's discerning taste in jewelry extends well beyond the spotlight-grabbing ankle watch she recently showcased. The Barbadian sensation consistently reveals an appreciation for exquisite pieces that seamlessly merge elegance with a touch of uniqueness.

Her taste in fabulous jewelry serves as a testament to her distinctive style and a penchant for statement pieces. Renowned for her fearless approach to fashion, Rihanna consistently leans towards bold and eye-catching jewelry that perfectly complements her daring looks.

From public appearances to social media, Rihanna has been spotted adorned in an array of extravagant pieces, including a vintage 1980’s Christian Lacroix multi-color pendant brooch from DSF Antique Jewelry's collection. Her choices span oversized diamond earrings, intricate necklaces, and stacked bracelets, reflecting a diverse mix of modern designs, vintage classics, and custom-made creations.

A noteworthy characteristic of Rihanna's jewelry collection is her affinity for layering and stacking. She effortlessly combines different pieces, crafting dynamic and visually striking ensembles. Whether layering multiple necklaces or stacking an assortment of rings, Rihanna's ability to curate harmonious yet attention-grabbing jewelry sets is a hallmark of her style.

While diamonds undoubtedly hold a special place in her jewelry repertoire, from large diamond studs to intricate diamond-encrusted pieces, Rihanna also embraces colorful gemstones and unique designs, infusing vibrancy and individuality into her overall look.

Rihanna's collaborations with renowned jewelry designers and brands further underscore her influence in the fashion world. As the face of luxury jewelry campaigns and through exclusive collections, she injects her personal style into each piece, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

In essence, Rihanna's taste in fabulous jewelry is marked by a fearless and eclectic approach. Her seamless blend of high-end luxury with individuality makes a bold statement with every piece she chooses to adorn herself with. Rihanna's choices not only inspire but also set trends in the ever-evolving world of fashion and glamour.




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