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Article: Fairy Tale Wedding: Bride Of Prince Abdul Mateen Of Brunei Dazzles In A Sparkling Tiara

Fairy Tale Wedding: Bride Of Prince Abdul Mateen Of Brunei Dazzles In A Sparkling Tiara

Fairy Tale Wedding: Bride Of Prince Abdul Mateen Of Brunei Dazzles In A Sparkling Tiara

One of the most eligible bachelors in the world, Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei (32) is having a 10-day wedding celebration. His Bride - Anisha Isa Kalebic (29) - turned heads wearing fabulous jewelry at their royal wedding.

Prince Abdul Mateen's wedding in Brunei began on Sunday, January 7, and is set to last for 10 days. After several separate events for the couple during the 10 days of festivities, they reunited on Sunday for a wedding reception and procession.

The pair made their first public appearance as a married couple at a ceremony held in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Prince Abdul Mateen and Anisha stood together for the ceremony at Istana Nurul Iman, then greeted thousands of well-wishers from the back of an open-top Rolls Royce.

Royal Jewelry For An Unforgettable Wedding
Anisha looked stunning in a white wedding dress accessorized with amazing jewelry. She wore a diamond tiara previously worn by Princess Azemah, Prince Abdul Mateen's sister.

The bride also wore statement earrings and an astonishing diamond necklace with a large pendant. She also had a small bouquet of flowers.

Her husband, the former Asia's most eligible bachelor was seen wearing a white and gold ceremonial uniform for his wedding.

Among the present royal guests were King Abdullah and Queen Azizah of Malaysia, King Jigme and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan, Princess Noor of Jordan, and many others.

The wedding celebrations are set to continue with a charming banquet on Monday.

The Most Eligible Bachelor In Asia And His Bride
Prince Abdul Mateen is the fourth son of the Sultan and his tenth child. He accompanied his father to official royal engagements, including the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla in May 2023 and the funeral of Queen Elizabeth in September 2022.

Prince Abdul Mateen is active on social media, with nearly 2.5 million followers on Instagram. A few weeks ago, he shared a photo with Anisha, featuring their engagement portrait.

It appears that the two have been together for several years, and the engagement was announced by the Sultan in October 2023.

The announcement surprised many fans of the man once dubbed one of Asia's most eligible bachelors as the fiancée was not a royal blood lady. The bride is the niece of the Sultan's special advisor, Pehin Dato Isa.

The Islamic solemnization of Prince Abdul Mateen's marriage to Anisha took place on January 11.

The "most eligible bachelor" in Brunei married his heart's chosen one in an unforgettable spectacle. Fans are barely keeping up with the wedding festivities of this stunning couple through photos and videos shared online by wedding guests.

In a video clip posted online, Prince Abdul Mateen made his entrance at Berbedak Pengantin Diraja, or the powdering ceremony, where he was blessed by close family members, including his father, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

The ritual is meant to symbolize fertility and wealth. Anisha also appeared later at the ceremony, dressed in a stunning red outfit with an elaborate hairstyle.

The wedding festivities will continue until Wednesday, January 17.
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