Russian Influencers Destroy Chanel Bags As Revenge For Sanctions Against Russia

Several young women from Russia, known influencers on Instagram, posted videos in which they destroy their Chanel bags.

Unhappy with Western sanctions that cut off access to luxury goods for Russians, some Instagram influencers chopped their expensive Chanel handbags and sent them to the garbage.

This movement came after a recent incident in Dubai, where Chanel stores sell bags to Russians only if they signed a paper stating that they did not live in Russia and would not carry the items in Russia.

The fashion house's stores have been closed in Russia and intermediaries can no longer carry accessories in that country.

The influencers consider this to be "Russophobia".

Victoria Bonya, a model with over 9 million followers on Instagram, posted a video in which she cuts a black Chanel bag with scissors.

"If Chanel doesn't respect its customers, why should we respect the Chanel fashion house?" she said.
You can watch the video with the angry Russian influencers here.
 Russian Influencers Destroy Channel Bags As Revenge For Sanctions Against Russia

No More Luxury Goods For Russians

As part of the fourth wave of sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, The United States and the European Union banned exports of luxury goods - such as high end-watches, luxury vehicles, high-end apparel, high-end alcohol, jewelry, and other goods frequently purchased by Russian elites.

The bans were conceived "as a direct blow to the Russian elite."

"Those who sustain Putin’s war machine should no longer be able to enjoy their lavish lifestyle while bombs fall on innocent people in Ukraine," Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Union’s executive arm, said in a statement.

A fact sheet from the White House said elites "should no longer be able to reap the gains of this system and squander the resources of the Russian people."

The White House placed the value of American luxury exports to Russia at about $550 million a year.

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