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Article: Russian Model That Cut Off Her Chanel Bag Attended The Cannes Festival

Russian Model That Cut Off Her Chanel Bag Attended The Cannes Festival - DSF Antique Jewelry

Russian Model That Cut Off Her Chanel Bag Attended The Cannes Festival

A news scandal at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival! It concerns the presence of Russian model Victoria Bonya, a supporter of Putin's war in Ukraine who was allowed to walk the red carpet at the festivities.

The presence of Victoria Bonya (42 years old), which appeared this year at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival I chose an ocean-colored dress by Christophe Guillermeau, was met with fury on social media, especially as it coincided with the premiere of "Mariupolis 2", a documentary about life in the destroyed city of Mariupol during the Russian invasion.

After the beginning of the war, Victoria Bonya joined other Russian models famous on social media for cutting up and destroying their Chanel bags in protest against Western sanctions.

The Russian Model Chopped Her Chanel Bag

Unhappy with Western sanctions that cut off access to luxury goods for Russians, several Instagram influencers chopped their expensive Chanel handbags and sent them to the garbage.

Among them was Victoria Bonya, a model with over 9 million followers on Instagram, who filmed herself cutting a black Chanel bag with scissors.

"I have to say that if Chanel House doesn't respect its customers, why should we respect Chanel? Bye! Bye," the Russian woman said at the time, in reaction after the Chanel brand decided to withdraw from Russia.

This movement started after an incident in Dubai, where Chanel stores decided to sell their famous bags to Russians only if they signed a paper stating that they did not live in Russia and would not carry the items in Russia.

The fashion house's stores have been closed in Russia and intermediaries can no longer carry accessories in that country. This thins is considered to be a kind of "Russophobia" by some Russian influencers.

You can watch a video with the angry Russian influencers cutting their Chanel bags here.

The Russian Model Reacted After The Cannes Scandal

"If Olga Buzova is celebrating her 18th anniversary on TV, then I have to celebrate almost 10 years at Cannes Film Festival)) without any joke, next year I will celebrate 10 years since I first appeared at Cannes Film Festival and in this decade I have heard a lot about myself...

The main question that remains open up to this day: who is she to walk on the red carpet?

I think it's a good time to answer, I'm a guest who is invited and welcome. And also, I'm a media personality, a model, an influencer, a blogger, even an actress and a bit of a TV presenter... that's not all, but I think that's enough))

Anyone who gets accreditation or buys a ticket can come to the Cannes Film Festival, but not everyone will be photographed, shown on TV, and shown in fashion magazines...

Many times I was invited by the official sponsor of the film festival, the brand Chopard, I think you remember that unforgettable jewelry the cost of which is even indecent to say...

But for the first time, I was accredited by Chik Monaco radio, where I worked at that time...

But most of all, I wanted to come here and years ago I even posted a picture from Cannes on my wish list.

This year I decided to go to the opening with my friend Hofit Golan.

If you look at our old photos from the past, especially 7-8 years ago, our transformation is obvious))

What hasn't happened over the years...I'll tell you a story when Hofit was on her way to the track and the stylist stepped on her dress, it came apart at the seams right on 🍑 her buttocks.

She ran into the jewelry store right on the Croisette, quickly managed to stitch it up, came to the lane and what do you think, right there, the same stylist stepped on her dress again and it cracked again in the same place.

She was saved by her purse which she very skillfully used to cover her bottom and no one noticed anything. So, the Cannes Film Festival was a great success.

So the Cannes Film Festival is sometimes a very stressful event)) do you want to know what mishaps happened to me during the festival?

If yes, write a comment below and I'll tell you in the next posts!

But now I will even Post stories with the Western press, which also did not pass by my appearance))) in order to avoid any questions later on, who is she?"

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