Queen Elizabeth's Watch & The Largest Rolex Collection To Be Auctioned

The largest collection of Rolex watches, along with the jewelry watch created especially for Queen Elizabeth of Romania and about 100 other watches signed by famous brands, coveted by collectors around the world will be auctioned on Thursday.

The auction will take place during the event "The Perfect Pair" and will be held by Artmark.

The masterpiece of the collection to be auctioned is a rare luxury watch, which was created specially made for Queen Elizabeth of Romania. The exceptional jewel dubbed the "Eye of God" is made in filigree gold, decorated with diamonds and enamel miniatures.

The watch was made in 1885 by the famous German jeweler Franz Carl Telge, a supplier of the royal family. The museum piece, which opens like a flower, reveals three panels of enamel painted with Orpheus, David, and the Nymph, and has a starting price of $26.350.
Watch & The Largest Rolex Collection To Be Auctioned

Pictures Credit: Artmark

The watches in the auction on Thursday, May 19, come with documents of origin, guarantees of authenticity, and guarantees of good functioning.

The famous pieces can be purchased at starting prices of about 20-30% of the list value, ie from a quarter of the market price, representing investments with the guarantee of long-term value growth.

The Largest Rolex Collection At Auction

Among the approximately 100 watches in the auction, the platinum Rolex Oyster Perpetual model stands out. The unisex piece created in 2014 has a starting price of $24.255 while the list price is euro $58.425.

Another interesting piece is the Rolex Sea-Dweller Great White watch, an innovative model at the time it was manufactured.

The starting price for Sea-Dweller Great White is $12,655. One year before Sea-Dweller was manufactured, Rolex introduced a new dial for this type of watch, now known as the "Great White".

A model considered a landmark for modern diving watches is the Rolex Submariner watch, which has a starting price of $9,500.

Rare Hermes Bags To Be Sold
Considered the Rolls Royce of bags manufacturers, Hermès bags rarely appear in auctions, and when it comes to pieces created by hand by artisans, there is usually a long waiting list for the delivery of a model.

Exceptionally, on the occasion of the auction on May 19, fans of this symbol of elegance and exclusivity no longer have to wait to get the coveted bags, but can buy them directly at the auction. Spectacular appearance is the Hermès bag, Birkin 30, made of Togo leather, in Bleu du Nord color, which has a starting price of $8437 compared to a list price of $16,347

One of the most coveted objects in the world of luxury - a Kelly Bag - is also put up for auction during the May 19 event. The starting price is $10.546, compared to a list price of 20,565 euros.

"The Perfect Pair." The Elegance Auction will take place on Thursday, May 19, at 19:00, exclusively online on the Artmark Live platform.

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