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Article: Shakira Allegedly Kicked Pique Out Of Their House

Shakira Allegedly Kicked Pique Out Of Their House - DSF Antique Jewelry
Shakira News

Shakira Allegedly Kicked Pique Out Of Their House

Shakira and Gerard Pique are rumored to break up, as a cheating scandal took the internet by storm.

Gerard Pique and Shakira have been a couple for more than a decade, even though they are not married. Their relationship is nearing an end after the Barcelona footballer allegedly cheated on the Colombian beauty with another woman.

According to Catalan daily El Periodico, Shakira found out and asked her partner to move out of the house where they lived with their two children.

Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez have given the exclusive of the alleged infidelity of the footballer in the video podcast "Mamarazzis", which is broadcast on the social media of the newspaper.

The journalists have given more details of Piqué's affair: Shakira would be aware of the disloyalty.

"That's why she would have made the decision to separate," adds Fa, who has quoted live the information from his sources: "That is so. It has happened. That's why there is distance. Maybe it's nothing, but it [the infidelity] has happened".

Piqué "Unleashed" In Barcelona Nightlife

Piqué not only "spends nights and days" in his bachelor pad, as reported by Pérez de Rozas.
Shakira and Gerard Pique
Vázquez and Fa have explained the details of his new routine. "He is unleashed" and "partying wildly", said Laura Fa.

The journalists have explained that he frequents, along with his teammate Riqui Puig, the private rooms of the discos Bling Bling and Patrón, both located in the upper area of the Catalan capital. And in both places, "he has been seen accompanied by other women".

"The word 'untied' is the one that has reached us the most", reiterated Fa, while Vázquez has detailed that to the footballer's friends "it seemed strange that he went to bed so late considering that the next day he had training".

Fa has put time to the "many night outings", as they are extended "until two or three in the morning," he says.

The Lyrics Of "Te Felicito" Used As A Dart?

Shakira released the single "Te felicito" (I congratulate you) at the end of April, with the collaboration of Rauw Alejandro. The lyrics of the song are a repertoire of reproaches. Could they be interpreted as a dart to the Barça defender?

"For completing you I broke into pieces; they warned me, but I did not pay attention; I realized that yours is false; it was the drop that overflowed the glass; do not tell me you're sorry, that seems sincere, but I know you well and I know you lie; I congratulate you, how well you act, of that I have no doubt".

"The lyrics are a spite", says Fa.

There are other elements to take into account and that would demonstrate that the separation between the footballer and the singer is a fact. On the one hand, Piqué has disappeared from Shakira's social networks, who used to always share moments together with him, and vice versa. The last appearance was in March. On the other, the singer traveled to Ibiza twice in May accompanied by her sons, Milan and Sasha, but without her partner. "In the images she looked sad," Fa recalled. Now we know why.

People close to the couple say a break-up is on the cards, with the singer unwilling to get over her partner's gesture.

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