Shakira And Pique Are To Divide A Huge Fortune After Their Separation

Shakira (45 years old) confirmed her separation from Gerard Pique (35) on June 4, 2022, after 12 years of relationship. Now they have to divide a huge fortune.

According to Marca, the main problem the couple is facing right now is the custody of their children. Shakira and Pique have already filed for separation and it remains to be seen what will happen with the two children, Sasha (7 years old) and Milan (9 years old).

Another big problem at the moment is the one related to money. Although they were not married, Pique and Shakira amassed an impressive fortune in their 12 years together.

Pique & Shakira Will Divide A Massive Fortune

Bottom line, the amount that will be divided at the separation amounts to 700 million euros.

Lawyers are already working on the documentation so that the fortune is divided correctly. Considered one of the most successful singers in the world, Shakira has won no less than 420 career awards, including 3 Grammy Awards. According to Forbes, she raised about 280 million euros on her own.

Shakira earned about $12 million in 2 years for participating in the American version of The Voice. She is now appearing on NBC's Dancing With My Self. The Colombian mega star also has several advertising contracts.

Shakira and Pique also have to share their properties, including those in Barcelona, Barranquilla, the Dominican Republic, Miami, Capri, New York, Punta del Este, and the Bahamas.

As for Pique, the Spanish soccer player has an annual salary of 4.7 million euros, but he also has many other businesses. Pique is the owner of the Kosmos Holding company, but also of the FC Andorra club. Gerard Pique is also involved in tennis, being one of the organizers of the Davis Cup. He also has businesses in Spain and the United States.

Pique Accused Of Sending Indecent Messages To A Top Model

Suzy Cortez, a 32-year-old model, reported that Gerard Pique sent her indecent messages on social media while she was in a relationship with Shakira. She said she decided to make this public now, as Shakira splits from Pique.

Moreover, Suzy Cortez claims that Gerard Pique told her that he was "jealous" that the model tattooed Lionel Messi's name on her body.

"I was a friend of the former president of Barcelona, Sandro Rosell. When Pique found out, he asked me for my number and sent me a message. When I returned to Brazil, he sent me a message directly on Instagram - which he deleted every day", Cortez said.

In an interview, Suzy Cortez also empathized with Shakira and claimed that recent reports of the Catalan defender's infidelity have convinced her to bring forth her story.

"I have never said this out of respect for Shakira, but now I am going to tell you everything I know and it happened to me."

"He [Pique] was the one who sent me the most direct message. The only Barcelona players who never sent me anything were Messi and Coutinho. They are great husbands and respect their wives a lot."

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