The "Black Swan" Of The Cannes Festival: Bella Hadid In A Vintage Versace Dress

The "Black Swan" of the Cannes Festival 2022, model Bella Hadid turned heads on the red carpet in her perfect black vintage Versace dress.

Less than a month after Kim Kardashian (41) made a splash on the Met Gala red carpet in a vintage dress that belonged to Marilyn Monroe, Bella Hadid (25 years old) is wowing everyone at Cannes, also in a vintage outfit.

Bella Hadid In Vintage Versace - A Scene To Remember

Dressed in a black Versace dress designed by Gianni Versace himself in 1987 for Austrian soprano and mezzo-soprano Helga Dernesch to wear to a performance of the opera Salomé, Bella Hadid once again caught the eye of everyone on the Croisette.

The truth is her strapless vintage black evening gown was just stunning!

Bella had her hair styled dark hair in a slicked bun with a little bang in the front. Of course, her outstanding Chopard jewelry added the perfect touch of glitter to her already fabulous look. Who made it all possible? Stylist Law Roach.

This is the way she decided to mark the 75th-anniversary celebration screening of Louis Garrel’s L'Innocent (The Innocent).

Named "the most beautiful woman in the world" in 2019, Bella Hadid is known for her spectacular appearances. Last year, also at Cannes, Bella wore a stunning Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown, cut almost to her navel at the front, where an oversized gold accessory in the shape of bronchial tubes covered her breasts.

The famous model has no less than 52.2 million followers on Instagram.

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