The Diamond On Queen Elizabeth's Crown That The Followers Of God Jagannath Want Back

There is a huge Indian diamond on the late Queen Elizabeth II's crown that the worshippers of the god Jagannath want back.

In the former British colonies, the death of Queen Elizabeth II triggered a fiery discussion.

The kingdom is urged to return "jewels and diamonds taken" by the British during the Empire, according to non-governmental organizations and local political figures. What the common people of India want to repatriate is the Indian diamond on the royal crown.

The British Royal Household is home to an outstanding collection of gems and ornaments that date back to the height of the Empire and have been acquired by the Royal Family in a variety of ways. Some of these are being sought after by institutions or well-known people in former colonies.

The Indian diamond Koh-i-Noor, which has been in the Crown's possession since the reign of Queen Victoria, as well as the news of Queen Elizabeth II's passing, have gone viral on social media (1819-1901).

Given that the jewel is the property of Jagannath, the "Lord of the Universe," an eastern Indian cultural organization has urged the president of Draupadi Murmu to take all necessary measures to return it to its rightful owner.

"The Kohinoor diamond is Sri Jagannath Bhagban's property. The British monarch currently has it. Please ask our Prime Minister to arrange to get it delivered to India. It was given to God Jagannath by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in his will," according to Priya Darsan Pattnaik's letter to the president.

A political figure from South Africa asserted a similar claim and requested the return of a large diamond that was affixed to the Queen's scepter.

Draupadi Murmu attended the Queen's funeral but refrained from bringing up the delicate matter because it was inappropriate given the circumstances.

How Did The Indian Diamond Get To Queen Elizabeth II?

The platinum crown of Queen Mother Elizabeth, the wife of King George VI, was set with the Indian Kohinoor diamond, which measures 21.12 kg and has a weight of 105.6 carats. When she passed away in 2002, the crown was placed on her casket as well as the casket of her daughter, Elizabeth II.

The jewel was found in India in the fourteenth century and passed through the hands of numerous conquerors over the years, including Rajput clansmen, Mughal lords, Iranian warriors, Afghan kings, and Punjabi Maharajas, until ending it in the British Crown Estate.

The stone was purchased by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the ancestor of the Sikh state, in the 19th century. Following the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1849, when the East India Company seized the throne of Punjab, his son Duleep Singh presented the diamond.

The diamond was added to Queen Victoria's jewelry collection along with hundreds of other gems that are claimed to have immeasurable cultural, historical, and symbolic importance.

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