The Story Of Kate Middleton's Million-Dollars Chandelier Earrings

The new Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has a special pair of diamond and sapphire chandelier gold earrings that are worth a fortune.

The British royal family has perhaps the most valuable jewelry collection in the world. The Crown Jewels are housed in the Tower of London and have been collected since the 17th century. According to experts, the collection contains more than 23,000 diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

The late Queen Elizabeth II's private jewelry collection consisted of 300 pieces, including 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 watches, and five pendants.  

The Story Behind Kate Middleton's Chandelier Earrings

From necklaces, tiaras, and brooches to earrings, the pieces handed down from past generations are now priceless. Even the youngest members of the royal household are fascinated by the antique jewelry, which belonged to important figures in the history of the British monarchy.

For example, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife, knows how to wear such precious pieces of antique jewelry with great elegance and style, such as the enormous diamond and central sapphire chandelier earrings that belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth's mother.

 Kate Middleton's Million-Dollars Chandelier Earrings

Kate Middleton has worn the gorgeous earrings on several occasions, for example at last December's Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey and at the official dinner held for former President Trump's visit to England in 2019.

The Provenance Of The Diamond & Sapphire Earrings

There is no exact information about the provenance of these diamonds and sapphire gold earrings other than that they belonged to Queen Elizabeth's mother, who occasionally wore them.

She later gave them to her daughter, but these special gold chandelier earrings never appeared in public until they were worn by Kate Middleton.

Jewelry experts are fascinated by these chandelier earrings, with cascading diamonds surrounding a dark blue sapphire, a stone that is sure to catch everyone's eye. As such, the value of these earrings is estimated at over a million dollars. Such a huge amount for a pair of earrings!

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