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Article: The Exquisite Luxurious “Coussin de Cartier” Collection Is Expanded

The Exquisite Luxurious “Coussin de Cartier” Collection Is Expanded

The Exquisite Luxurious “Coussin de Cartier” Collection Is Expanded

Cartier has expanded its innovative Coussin de Cartier Collection. After over two years of development, employing cutting-edge technology and 3D printing, a distinctive design was introduced in 2022 with the unveiling of a square watch featuring rounded edges.

According to The New York Post, unlike traditional gold cases, this timepiece boasts a flexible mesh adorned with diamonds or gemstones, mimicking the tactile feel of a pillow.

Photo 1: Coussin de Cartier watch (Source: Cartier)
Concealed within the mesh structure lies a secret shape-memory component, allowing the lattice to expand and contract seamlessly.

Celebrated by horology experts for their technical innovation and craftsmanship, these pieces have also garnered acclaim from fashion connoisseurs for their unique beauty and allure. It is an exquisite watch for the evening, for creating a sensation.

Now, the pliability of the design has been translated into an innovative collection of hand-finished fine jewelry.

The Ring

Another breathtaking piece in the collection is the woven white-gold ring,  a contemporary marvel creating a shimmering field that wraps around the finger and rebounds immediately when pressed.

Made out of 18k white gold, the Coussin de Cartier ring is set with 525 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 5.75 carats (for size 52).

Crafting each of these twinkling treasures requires 80 hours of meticulous work by Cartier's in-house artisans.

Photo 2: Coussin de Cartier ring (Source: Cartier)
Similarly striking is the bracelet, completely paved with approximately 1,825 diamonds.

The sculptural ring can be paired with the Coussin de Cartier watch featuring a diamond and black spinel-adorned bezel in a swirling pattern, while the dial, crown, and buckle are encrusted with diamonds.

Finally, the Coussin de Cartier jewelry collection embodies the Maison's dedication to excellence and innovation, and the Cartier's ability to honor tradition while embracing modernity.

With each piece, Cartier invites wearers into a realm where luxury, beauty, craftsmanship and innovation intersect to create an unforgettable adornment experience.

What distinguishes this collection is not just its exquisite design, but also the exceptional craftsmanship and artistry infused into its making. Cartier's artisans have skillfully reimagined the intricate woven mesh structure, seamlessly blending generous proportions, fluidity, and motion.

Every gold link is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring both flexibility and brilliance. Furthermore, an innovative setting technique allows the diamonds to refract light evenly across the rounded surfaces, amplifying their radiance and allure.




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