The Famous Wardrobe Of Queen Elizabeth II. What Happens To Her Outfits

Her Majesty has always been a symbol of elegance. Many admirers of the Royal House are wondering what happens to the outfits worn by Queen Elizabeth II.

The sovereign had personal tailors and designers throughout her reign and it is well known that she never wore an outfit twice at official events. We may think that she has a huge wardrobe, but no, when she used to give away old but so very elegant outfits.

Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on September 8, 2022, always had impeccable appearances and attracted attention every time with the outfits she wore.

Everyone knows that the sovereign has always been careful to choose the best designers in the world, and with her death came curiosity about the person or persons who will receive the outfits worn by Her Majesty.

What Happens With Queen's Elizabeth Elegant Outfits?

The venerable age did not stop the Queen from wearing colorful outfits. Moreover, fans of the Royal House know that she loves to wear gloves and pearls with almost every outfit.

There's a whole story about why Queen Elizabeth always wore gloves. A royal expert recently revealed what happened to the clothes worn by the sovereign after an event.

A royal expert spoke on the subject, also offering some secret details about all of Queen Elizabeth II's outfits. The official testified, therefore, that many times the sovereign donated the clothes of her staff or sold them, but with a strict condition: the labels must be removed.

According to him, the late Queen Elizabeth regularly gave her old clothes to her dressers. From there, they could either keep the pieces, wear them, or sell them. If pieces were sold, buyers couldn't know that the clothes came from Her Majesty. Labels were removed to make sure nobody can trace anything back to Buckingham Palace.

"The Queen's outfits have been a constant source of inspiration. When the Queen no longer wanted an outfit she donated it to her staff or sold it for charity. There was one condition to doing this though. All tags had to be removed. Any indication that could have denoted the fact that that coat belonged to His Majesty must be removed," the expert explained.

Why Did Queen Elizabeth Always Wear Gloves?

Queen Elizabeth always wore gloves made by royal glove manufacturer Cornelia James. The gloves were made of either pure cotton with a suede-brushed finish or a lighter Swiss jersey. Genevieve James daughter of late Cornelia James and Creative Director of the company spoke of the Queen’s love for the gloves.

According to her, Queen Elizabeth chooses to wear gloves because that's her style.

"Nobody apart from the queen wears gloves all the time. The queen wears gloves all the time because she likes to and she's the queen. They are part of her integral style and she's iconic," she told "Hello!".

But Queen Elizabeth also had another reason for wearing gloves in public: hygiene and health.

Genevieve James explained: "Also, she wears gloves because she's shaking a lot of hands. I think they protect her hands. Primarily, she wears gloves because it's her style. I can guarantee whenever she's out and about, she's always got one pair in her handbag as well in case she loses them."

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