The Fashion World Mourns: Italian Designer Nino Cerruti Passed Away

The famous Italian designer Nino Cerruti has died, on 15 January, at the age of 91. He was one of the historical figures that revolutionized the fashion industry.

Nino Cerruti died in a hospital in Vercelli, located in the northwestern Italian region  Piedmont, where he was undergoing hip surgery, according to the "Corriere Della Sera".

"A giant of Italian entrepreneurs is leaving us," reacted Gilberto Pichetto, Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

Cerruti Was A Legendary Designer

Born on 25 September 1930 in Biella, Nino Cerruti was forced to abandon his philosophy studies at the age of 20, after the death of his father Silvio. He had to take over the family textile factory founded by his grandfather in the town of Biella in 1881, giving up his dream of becoming a journalist, AFP recalls.

According to BBC, with experience in producing excellent fabrics gained at his family's textile mill, Cerruti entered the fashion world in the late 1950s. The designer always insisted on trying on his own creations first.

It was Nino Cerruti who introduced "casual chic" to high-end men's fashion. He opened his first store in Paris in 1967, becoming the first designer to launch his own high-end ready-to-wear label for men in Paris.

In the 1960s, Cerruti met Giorgio Armani and hired him as a menswear designer. The tandem, who left a deep mark on the fashion world, parted ways a decade later after Armani decided to found his own fashion house in 1975.

Cerruti - A Style Both Elegant And Relaxed

His Cerruti 1881 brand became famous and in its days of glory dressed many of Hollywood's superstars. Cerruti was also the official designer of the Ferrari team in Formula 1 races.

"To have style is to combine culture with art," is one of the famous Nino Cerruti mottos.

With a style that was both elegant and relaxed, Nino Cerruti was one of the leading figures in men's ready-to-wear fashion in the 20th century, as noted by The Guardian.

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