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Article: The Mysterious 555-Carat "Enigma" Black Diamond Up For Sale

The Mysterious 555-Carat Enigma Black Diamond Up For Sale
Black Diamond

The Mysterious 555-Carat "Enigma" Black Diamond Up For Sale

A 555-carat "Enigma" black diamond, formed by an asteroid's impact with Earth long before the emergence of complex life, will be auctioned soon.

Sotheby's announced, on Monday, that the"Enigma" black diamond will become the largest of its kind sold to the highest bidder at the auction that will take place in February.

According to EFE, experts estimate that the precious gem's sale price could reach between 3 and 5 million pounds (4.1 to 6.8 million dollars).

"'Enigma' is a unique piece: it's hard to compare it with other diamonds, including other black diamonds that have come on the market in past years," Sotheby's jewelry specialist Nikita Binani told EFE news agency.

It is the largest polished black diamond at auction, with 55 facets and measuring 54x44x32 millimeters, which was included in the Guinness Book in 2006.

The Mysterious Origins Of The "Enigma" Black Diamond

The origins of the precious stone, which will be on public display for the first time before the sale, are a mystery as the current owner, who bought the diamond over two decades ago, wished to remain anonymous.

It is also not known exactly when this black diamond was discovered, and the auction house notes only that this type of gemstone is only found in Brazil or the Central African Republic, and that they generally formed around 2 or 3 billion years ago, probably following an asteroid impact with Earth.

Scientists believe the first complex organisms appeared on Earth about 579 million years ago, according to NewScientist.

Black Diamonds Are In Vogue

Although black diamonds generally have a lower value than white diamonds, jewelry specialist Nikita Binani said such diamonds are starting to become more highly valued and that the sale of the "Enigma" stone will boost the price of these gems.

The auction will take place online between 3 and 9 February, but, before that, the diamond will be displayed in Dubai (where it was presented to the press), Los Angeles, and London, where it will remain until the sale is completed.

The  "Enigma" black diamond was purchased by its current owner in the rough and has been cut and polished to resemble a "hamsa", a Jewish and Muslim amulet in the shape of a closed palm, symbolizing protection and good luck.

We recommend you an interesting video regarding this special gemstone.

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