The First Hair Of The Russian Romanov Imperial Family Since The Revolution Was Born

Grand event in Moscow! An heir has been born into the famous Russian Romanov imperial family for the first time since the 1917 revolution.

The momentous event was officially announced by the Romanov imperial family. It was the head of the Russian Imperial Household, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, who revealed the big news to the world.

According to the press release, Grand Duke George Romanov and his wife Princess Victoria have a son. The couple's heir was born in Moscow.

Grand Event: The First Hair Of The Russian Romanov Imperial Family

"This happy event for the imperial family, which took place in the Motherland, was the first of its kind since the 1917 Revolution," the press release added.

The baby boy will be named Aleksandr and he will be addressed as "His Serene Highness Prince Aleksandr Georgievich",

Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov married Italian Rebecca Virginia Bettarini in 2021 at St.Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg in front of dozens of royal guests.

It was Russia's first royal wedding since the Bolshevik revolution overthrew the monarchy a century ago.  

Who Is The Grand Duke George Romanov

George Romanov, now aged 42, is a descendant of Aleksandr II, former emperor of Russia between 1855 and 1881. The last Tsar, Nicholas II, was executed by the Bolsheviks with his family in July 1918 in the city of Yekaterinburg.  

George Romanov was born in Madrid, his mother was the Grand Duchess Maria Romanova, and his father was the Prussian Prince Franz Wilhelm of Hohenzollern.

The royal figure spent most of his life in Spain and France and first visited Russia in 1992 with his grandfather Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich. His mother is the granddaughter of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, a first cousin of Nicholas II who fled Russia during the revolution and declared himself Emperor from exile.

The Grand Duke George Romanov has worked in the European Parliament and the European Commission and was an advisor to the director of Russian mining giant Norilsk Nickel. He is currently involved in charitable projects in Moscow as well.

He met Rebecca Virginia Bettarini in Brussels during his time in the European Parliament. The daughter of the Italian ambassador to Belgium, Bettarini worked as a lobbyist and is now the director of the Russian Imperial Foundation.

According to Russian imperial tradition, Rebecca Virginia Bettarini converted to the Russian Orthodox faith and took the name Victoria Romanovna.  

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