Putin Is A Fan Of Luxury Italian Jackets Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a fan of luxury jackets worth thousands Of dollars. He just made a new public appearance in an Italian jacket by Andrea Campagna worth over 6.000 dollars.

Recently Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspected a training ground for soldiers deployed in the Ryazan region.

Vladimir  Putin put on quite a show in his 6,000 dollars Italian Andrea Campagna jacket. He couldn't resist the temptation to let himself be filmed firing a gun at the Russian firing range.

In footage filmed Thursday, the Kremlin leader appears lying on his stomach with his coat on and a protective ear cover as he fires with a sniper rifle.

Putin Likes To Wear Expensive Italian Jackets

At the inspection, Vladimir Putin wore a down and silk jacket from Italian menswear brand Andrea Campagna while checking the condition of the soldiers' winter footwear. The jacket cost 363,000 rubles (over 6,000 dollars).

A couple of months ago, in March, the Russian President appeared in a $14,000 Italian Loro Piana jacket at a grand event in Moscow to mark the eighth anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Later, the Loro Piana's owner said he was "ashamed" to see this and is helping the Ukrainian people with donations, La Repubblica reported.

"It's somewhat shameful from a human point of view", said Pier Luigi Loro Piana.

Putin Is A Fan Of Luxury Italian Jackets Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Vladimir Putin's luxury Italian jacket is part of the 2021/2022 collection.

The Loro Piana company is a family business, but in 2013, the French fashion giant LVMH bought 80 percent of the firm.

The Loro Piana jacket worn by Putin sells in Russia for 1,445,000 rubles, around $14,000 according to the exchange rate at that time.

The minimum monthly wage in Russia was 13,890 rubles, or about 225 dollars, at the beginning of 2022. In Moscow, it was set at 21,371 Russian roubles or about 346 dollars.

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