The Moment When A $50 Million Super Yacht Of A Russian Oligarch Sinks

The moment when a $50 million super-yacht owned by a Russian oligarch sinks in Italian waters was filmed. The crew was rescued by a Romanian boat.

A yacht belonging to famous Russian oligarch Ghenadi Aivazian sank off the Italian coast.

According to the Italian press, the yacht "My Saga" sank late last week in the Gulf of Squillace, about 9 nautical miles off the coast of Catanzaro marina.

The Super-Yacht Of A Russian Oligarch Sank

Built in 2007 in Italy, the 39.4-meter-long motor super-yacht was sailing from Gallipoli to Milazzo with an all-Italian crew.

On Friday evening, the Crotone Port Authority received a message from the yacht that it was taking on water.

According to the Super-yacht Times, the Crotone patrol boat CP321 and a Romanian patrol boat on Frontex duty arrived at the yacht.

The crew was evacuated and although attempts were made to tow the vessel to port, the weather worsened and the super-yacht of the Russian oligarch sank.

An investigation will establish the cause of the sinking.

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