"The Richest Kid In The US": He's Just 15 And Owns Houses & Luxury Supercars

The 15-year-old Donald Dougher is dubbed "the richest kid in the US", he is worth millions of dollars.

Donald built himself an "empire" with the help of his YouTube channel, which he opened in 2019. Since then, he's racked up millions of dollars in accounts.

"The richest kid in the US" is extremely popular on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

The videos posted by Donald Dougher on his Youtube channel are watched by millions of people, and the revenue he gets from advertising is huge. Donald reportedly earns more than $20,000 a month, according to the Daily Star.

Even though he regularly calls himself "America's Richest Kid," and the foreign press calls him the same, Donald wouldn't even top the list of richest kids in the US, but would actually rank 19th.
The Richest Kid In The US
"The Richest Kid In The US" Has A Supercar Collection

The kid doesn't have a license yet, but he's got a garage full of cars. His impressive collection includes precious "gems" such as McLarens, Bugattis, and Ferarri.

On his 15th birthday, Donald Dougher spent time in the Bahamas, where he swam with sharks and flew a blimp.

Donald also stunned his fans when he said his family had "given up" a £4.8 million house. The reason? The winery was flooded because of £800,000 palm trees that were accidentally planted in the wrong place. But Donald has plenty to choose from because at 15 he owns several homes.
Donald Dougher Richest Kid In The US
The youngster said he has a swimming pool in one of his houses, but said he didn't use it because it was downstairs and he "couldn't be bothered to walk down there".

"We've lived here two months... it's a lot of floors down," the young men explained.

However, Donald Dougher said he puts in the effort for his money. "There's not an hour a week I don't work," he claimed, according to the source quoted above. 

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