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Article: The Intriguing Last Wishes Of Celebrities. Oprah's Dogs Will Be Rich

The Intriguing Wishes Napoleon Bonaparte's Strange Last Wish
Napoleon Bonaparte

The Intriguing Last Wishes Of Celebrities. Oprah's Dogs Will Be Rich

Many rich people and celebrities prefer to make their last will and testament before they die. Some of their last wishes are quite intriguing, to say the least.

Of course, wills are important to prevent future conflicts between relatives and offer the person the opportunity to decide how to divide his fortune and belongings, but also leave room for last wishes. And it's a well-known fact that many celebrities had unusual testamentary requirements.

So, yes, some famous people are known to have eccentric requirements when it comes to dividing their estate.

There are many strange wishes in celebrity wills, from unusual cremation and memorial requests to leaving incredible amounts of money to... pets.

Discover Some Intriguing Last Wishes Of Celebrities

Some dogs have a good and happy life, while others have a hard one. That's life! And then there are the dogs of celebrities... who basically live like kings. And they will continue to live like this even in the unfortunate event in which their masters will die before they do.

For example, innovative fashion designer Alexander McQueen loved his dogs so much that he left them 75,000 dollars in his will. The famous Oprah Winfrey, on the other hand, will leave her dogs no less than 30 million dollars. Such a huge amount!

The famous pop singer Dusty Springfield had special last wishes in her will regarding her cat named Nicholas, and they were all fulfilled after her death.

More specifically, she wanted the cat fed with imported baby food daily, and be permitted to reside in their indoor tree house. Also, the cat's bed should be lined with Dusty Springfield's nightgown pillowcase. The cat was to be put to sleep with the pop singer's records in the background.

Furthermore, Dusty Springfield wanted Nicholas to be married to her friend's female cat.

And there are many other rich people who had last wishes regarding their beloved pets.

Napoleon Bonaparte's Strange Last Wish

Next on our list of intriguing last wishes of celebrities, we find the brilliant French emperor and military leader Napoleon Bonaparte, who left his loved ones an unexpected legacy.

In his will, Napoleon specifically requested that, after his death, his head be shaved and his hair divided among his loved ones.

Famed writer William Shakespeare left his wife a strange gift: the "second-best bed" in the household.

The magician Harry Houdini always had a trick up his sleeve and, it seems, expected to do magic in the afterlife. He requested that his wife, Bess, hold a seance every year to try to contact his spirit. The two even set up a secret code so she would know if his spirit was truly present.

The famous British politician Benjamin Franklin states in his will that his daughter will receive 408 diamonds. There was a condition though: that she would not convert these diamonds into expensive jewelry pieces. But she didn't follow his last wishes.

Sean Connery left nothing to his son. Since he was alive, the famous actor has told his son that he would receive no money from his estate.

There are other celebrities who are thinking about this approach. For example, singer Elton John.

The artist has an estimated fortune of more than $500 million but is worried about the inheritance he will leave to his children. "It's terrible to give children a silver spoon. It ruins their lives," he told The Mirror.

And the list of intriguing last wishes of celebrities can go on endlessly.
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