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Article: The "Secret" Sons of Vladimir Putin

The "Secret" Sons of Vladimir Putin - DSF Antique Jewelry

The "Secret" Sons of Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly has at least two "secret" sons with former rhythmic gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva.

Russia's unofficial First Lady, Alina Kabaeva, 39 years old, came to the media spotlight after credible rumors emerged that she was Putin's mistress. However, the Kremlin leader, now 70 years old, denied having a relationship with the famous Olympic gold medallist.

According to a report published by the Daily Mail, the first boy of Putin and Kabaeva was born secretly in Switzerland amid huge security in 2015, according to a source linked to the obstetrician who attended the birth.

The second son came into the world in Moscow in 2019, with the same specialist coming to Russia for the birth, according to an investigation by Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung.

The Russian leader has denied since 2007 that he was having an affair with Alina Kabaeva. He has hidden his alleged secret family and it is said that he has not been present at any of the births.

Discover Vladimir Putin's Secret Sons

The report confirms rumors of a Putin-Kabaeva family. It also indicates that Alina Kabaeva is Russia's secret first lady at a time when the country is suffering major losses due to the war with Ukraine.

The source of the new report is said to be a personal friend of Alina Kabaeva, who also knows the obstetrician, an "unnamed" Soviet-born doctor familiar with Putin for more than three decades and a Swiss citizen long after he emigrated from Russia.

The paper reported, "Our source makes it clear: Alina's relationship with Putin existed. Their children - two sons - are Putin's children. Alina had no other relationship. That would have been too dangerous for her."

The woman doctor works at the Sant'Anna Clinic in the Italian-speaking Swiss region of Ticino, where the first child was born. The obstetrician "had a relationship of trust with Putin," the report said.

Contrary to 2015 rumors, Putin was not present at the birth. There was also only one child of the two (Putin - Kabaeva) born in Switzerland, the source said. By "the president's decision," the second son was born in Moscow.

The same Swiss obstetrician Russian emigrant delivered the second son in Moscow in 2019. Before the birth, Kabaeva secretly traveled to Lugano several times.

The source described Alina Kabaeva as "a very pleasant woman. She is a real sportswoman, very straightforward. She came with her mother and sister, but without bodyguards".

Despite this, a shadow of secrecy shrouded the birth.

Alina Kabaeva's Life Is Shrouded In Mystery

Alina Kabaeva is also said to have traveled to Switzerland several times before she began her relationship with Putin, believed to be in 2007. She was an ambassador for Longines watches between 1999 and 2008.

Recently, rumors have suggested that she and her alleged toddlers were hiding from the war in a remote chalet in Switzerland. However, after a four-month absence from the spotlight, she reappeared in Moscow.

There are indications that she spent time near Geneva, at the Cologny residence of Gennady Timchenko, 69, an oligarch very close to Putin.

Swiss government officials say there is no indication that Alina Kabaeva has been in the country recently. A video recording shows Kabaeva in May 2015 - which at the time sparked pregnancy rumors - at her annual children's gymnastics show called "Alina 2015."

Putin also has two other officially recognized children - Maria, and Katerina - both from his first wife Lyudmila.

Putin's Alleged Mistress Pregnant Again?

The Russian President was apparently taken aback by the news that his alleged girlfriend is pregnant again, according to General SVR, a Russian news channel on the Telegram app, quoted by the British publication The Sun.

According to the channel, Putin is said to have been "silent" when he heard he was expecting a child.

Sources also said Putin would have been furious at the news, which he received as he prepared to show off his war car at the Victory Day parade in Red Square.

"Putin found out that his mistress is pregnant again - and as it turns out, this was not planned," General SVR channel said of Alina Kabaeva, also called "the most flexible woman in Russia".

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